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Famous bearer is actress Jodie Sweetin (born Jodie Leanne Sweetin, "Full House").
-- Destry  4/14/2005
A famous bearer is actress Jodie Foster (born Alicia Christian Foster).
-- Destry  4/27/2005
I kind of prefer this name for a girl. I have known 2 girls named Jodi and one boy named Jody. I kind of like it, it grows on you.
-- Anonymous User  4/25/2006
It was very common during the 90s and I know lots of girls with this name but it doesn't seem to be used as much anymore.
-- Anonymous User  7/18/2006
A bearer is Jodie Marsh - not exactly one to look up to ... Ahem!
-- Surreal  1/18/2007
Every other English young girl seems to be called this!
-- Anonymous User  1/26/2007
My name is Jodie and I really enjoy it. When I was younger, I used to wish my name was something fancy and more commonly used like Brianna or something. I wanted something with a better 'tongue feel'. Now I have learned to treasure it. I found out that it means "praised" and I am beginning to live up to this. It really does grow on you. All you Jodies, be proud and hold your head high!
-- chocolatebox527  7/17/2007
I prefer this spelling to Jody, as the name looks more feminine this way. The name could sound quite youthful to me, but I've learned to associate it with Jodie Foster, who is known for being intelligent, and the character Jodie from Daria, who is also intelligent, so it doesn't strike me as a ditzy, girly name despite the youthful sound. However, it's specifically Jodie Foster who has ruined this name for me, as she's a Mel Gibson apologist.
-- slight night shiver  6/10/2008
Jodie is the name of the ghost of a little girl in 'The Amityville Horror'.
-- kay1987  11/21/2008
Unless it is strictly a nickname, I personally have no favor for the name "Jodie."
Beside the fact that I feel that it is infantile, the "D" in the center (in this case) morphs it harshly.

"Judy," on the other hand, I am quite fond of.
-- Francesca  1/25/2012

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