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Jolanda was the 3rd most popular name in Rome in 1901, behind Elena and Maria. The birth of the princess Jolanda di Savoia in 1901 caused the ephemeral fashion of this name.
presentperfect  12/21/2008
Jolanda di Savoia was an Italian princess (1901-1986).
presentperfect  12/21/2008
Jolanda di Savoia is also the name of a village in the district of Ferrara (Northern Italy).
presentperfect  12/21/2008
The letter J does not exist in the modern Italian alphabet, so the spelling of "Jolanda" is not accurate as an Italian variation. The Italian variation of this name is Iolanda.

The J used in the name of "Jolanda di Savoia" is obviously an anglicized version (adapted for English use), as the Italian names for these towns and the woman are spelt with an I - Iolanda di Savoia.
sarah-grrrl  6/12/2009
The letter J is not counted in the modern Italian alphabet, but is still used in some archaic spellings (with totally different pronunciation from the English J, but like the English Y in "yes"). Jolanda is a quite Italian variation of spelling of this name - beside Iolanda. Above all, it is everything but an "anglicized version". [noted -ed]
presentperfect  11/11/2010
Also a feminine name in Croatia. [noted -ed]
goricar  2/13/2010

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