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Jonas is the name of the main character in Lois Lowry's "The Giver." It's a strong, intelligent, and not-to-common moniker.
-- tmarie  4/12/2006
Listen to the German pronunciation of Jonas here:
-- _satu_  10/24/2006
Jonas Salk was a famous bearer. He discovered the cure or vaccine rather for polio in 1955.
-- thetangeinenymph  12/1/2006
Jonas Armstrong plays Robin Hood in the current BBC series :)
-- Surreal  12/23/2006
Pronounced as "Yaw-NAHS".
-- Karcoolka  6/10/2007
Jonas is also Czech and Slovak form.
-- Karcoolka  6/20/2007
My friends who just had a baby named their son Jonas. It is also the Greek form of John.
-- Anonymous User  9/17/2007
Jonas is also the Czech form.
-- Maggie_Simpson  9/24/2007
Jonas is also nickname for Jonat(h)an.
-- Maggie_Simpson  11/10/2007
Singer Sidónia Tobiášová has a son Jonas, born 2003.
-- Maggie_Simpson  12/14/2007
Jonas is also the Portuguese form of Jonah.
-- samarinezz  3/25/2008
Most popular name in Norway. Can't help wonder if this is because of our foreign minister, Jonas Gahr Støre.
-- neurolempicka  9/19/2008
Also used in the Netherlands. [noted -ed]
-- renee06  12/19/2008
Reminds me of the Jonas Brothers- a dreadfully horrible band.
-- Kerules  6/14/2009
Jonas is the Greek form of Jonah which is used in the New Testament.

The Hebrew form for Jonah is as follows וֹנָה

Jonas - or Jonah - was the name of the father of Jesus' disciple, Simon Peter.
-- Deborah Reyes  7/30/2009
I don't care for this name. It makes me think of the hideous Jonas Brothers.
-- bananarama  8/19/2009
Despite the Jonas brothers association, I still like this name a lot. The Jonas brothers aren't even famous anymore, so I doubt teasing would be a big problem for a child named Jonas born this year. It's a very masculine and strong name, wayyyy better than the ugly and childish name Jonah.
-- Anonymous User  6/23/2013
"Jonas" is the first title in the Beautiful Dead series by author Eden Maguire.
-- Anonymous User  11/27/2013
Jonas Grumby was the Skipper's real name in the classic 60's TV show Gilligan's Island.
-- MisterDean  3/2/2014
Pronounced "YOO-nahs" in Norwegian.
-- Quamalamalam  1/10/2015

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