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I know there are two ways to spell it, but I like the “George” one better. And I like Jorge better than George.
PickleJuice  8/18/2019
Jorge was the name of my late Grandfather so I do have a bias towards it. Somewhat objectively, I think this name could work as a substitute for George if someone might want a different form of spelling and pronouncement of that particular name.
― Anonymous User  2/17/2019
In 2018, 4 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Jorge who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 464th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
― Anonymous User  10/19/2018
Jorge Azanza is a Spanish professional road bicycle racer. He last competed for the UCI ProTour team Euskaltel–Euskadi.

In 2004, Azanza won his first and still only races, when he finished first in the overall rankings of the Vuelta a Córdoba. He also won Part A of the third stage in the Bidasoa Itzulia in that same year. In 2007 he made his Tour de France debut.
lilolaf  1/27/2017
Jorge Fernández Madinabeitia is a Spanish TV presenter, model, actor and basketball player from the Basque Country. Born in Alicante, Fernández was raised in the Guipuzcoan town of Mondragón/Arrasate. Fernández is graduated in sports from the University of the Basque Country at the Basque Institute of Physical Education in Vitoria and worked as a sports teacher at the Virgen Niña school in Gasteiz.
cutenose  1/22/2017
Jorge Resurrección Merodio known as Koke is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Atlético Madrid and the Spanish national team as a midfielder.
lilolaf  1/21/2017
Said as Hor-hay.
― Anonymous User  1/14/2016
The Portuguese pronuciation is actually very similar to the English one with a G- sound in the beginning of both syllables.
ana.sofia  1/15/2015
Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected as the successor to Pope Benedict XVI on March 13, 2013, taking on the name Francis.
― Anonymous User  5/29/2013
Although it's less common, some people pronounce it the same way as George.
speechie409  11/3/2008
A famous bearer was Jorge Luis Borges (August 24, 1899 - June 14, 1986), an Argentine writer of short stories, essays, poetry, criticism, and translation.
AndrewJKD  4/14/2008
It's pronounced HOR-heh, with the first 'h' sound coming from the throat, in Spanish.
― Anonymous User  7/27/2006
Jorge Garcia plays Hugo "Hurley" Reyes on LOST.
― Anonymous User  2/17/2006

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