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If pronounced as an anglophone would, sounds like a failed attempt at spelling "Jordan". If pronounced as a Scandanavian would, sounds like "urine". Yikes!
leananshae  12/18/2007
So what? I highly doubt the word for "urine" in Scandinavian languages sounds anything like Jorun.
― Anonymous User  9/19/2009
Jorun is a cute name, I think. It's rare where I live (Sweden), but common in Norway and Iceland. In Swedish and Norwegian we pronounce is YOO-ruhn and in Icelandic I think it's more like YOW-rihn.

BTW, urine is "urin" in all Scandinavian languages and it's pr. uh-REEN. And do you know what we Swedish people usually call urine (the equivalent of the English "wee")? KISS! So you see, a word that means something sweet in English can mean something rather nasty in another language!
Caprice  8/31/2012
The name Jórunn is used in Iceland, but I really wouldn't say it was common. It's familiar, but not common, fewer than 200 people are named Jórunn. In Icelandic it is pronounced YO-ruwn.
silverbiscuit  11/27/2014

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