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Dutch pronunciation is YOS.
X-Mar  1/31/2006
This name is a short form of Jozef, not a diminutive. If it were a diminutive, one of the following Dutch diminutive suffixes would have been included: -je or -ke. See also the entries for Josje and Joske in the Submitted Names Database. [noted -ed]
Lucille  7/8/2015
I am not sure that "aw" is the best phonetical translation for the "o" in this name. What I do know for sure, is that the IPA symbol for the "o" in this name is ɔ.

The "o" in this name is pronounced exactly the same as the "o" in the Dutch words "mos" (meaning 'moss'), "tros" (meaning 'a cluster', usually of fruit) and "vos" (meaning 'fox'). You can listen to sound clips of these words on Wiktionary:


Also see this extract from a Dutch book about universal phonology, which contains a list of Dutch vowels and consonants and the IPA symbols for each of them:

- (in Dutch)

This English-language Wikipedia article might help as well:

Lucille  8/3/2015

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