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Josefina Montoya is the name of a member of the American Girls Collection.
― Anonymous User  7/9/2006
This is my younger sister's middle name. I think it is a beautiful name. The thing I don't like about it is the common mistake people make in trying to pronounce the 'j' the English way.
Eruanna_Meldiriel  7/27/2006
Model Josefína Nesvadbová is daughter of Světlana Nalepková and Michal Nesvadba.
Maggie_Simpson  10/5/2006
Josefína´s pet forms are Joey, Joss, Josie, Josefínka, Jo.
Ronja  2/20/2007
Josefina is also the Czech form. Name Day: 19th March.
Karcoolka  6/10/2007
Pronounced as "Josefina" or "Yawsefina".
Janika  7/4/2007
Actors Saša Rašilov and Vanda Hybnerová have a daughter Josefina Rašilovová.
MaggieSimpson  4/16/2008
This was my grandmother's name, and at first, I never really liked it; all my family called her 'mi Fina' or my Fina (also means like 'fine lady [not as in hot but as in refined]). I really love this name now, in English as well, it just has an air of nobility and a sense of sophistication.
veronica.voodoo  5/23/2009
Actor and marionetter Petr Forman has a daughter named Josefina.
MaggieSimpson  8/2/2009
Also the Portuguese form of Josephina. [noted -ed]
samarinezz  3/20/2010
Czech actor, dramatist and marionetter Petr Forman and his wife Klára have a daughter Josefina. She's granddaughter of director Miloš Forman.
MaggieSimpson  7/18/2010
Czech pronunciation is "yaw-zeh-fee-nah".
MaggieSimpson  7/18/2010
Pronounced yoo-seh-FEE-nah in Swedish. [noted -ed]
Beautiful Victory  7/25/2010
The Portuguese pronunciation is [zhoo-zə-FEE-nuh]. [noted -ed]
SugarPlumFairy  11/14/2010
There is an American Girl doll called Josefina who is Mexican.
willarose93  8/17/2011
Josefina Fierro was an American leader who helped organize resistance against discrimination in the American Southwest during the Great Depression.
― Anonymous User  8/5/2012
Josefina "Jo" Lupo is the deputy sheriff (later head of GD security) in the Syfy series Eureka. She is portrayed by Erica Cerra.
Fray  11/20/2012
The name Josefina was given to 82 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/18/2013
How pretty.
Eileen1209864  6/15/2016
The name Josefina was given to 94 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
My name is Josefina. I didn't used to like my name until I found out its meaning. Josefina means God shall add. I now like my name so much. I think it's pretty.
― Anonymous User  11/23/2016

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