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This is a very pretty name. My cousin is named Josephina and we call her Jo (not JOE).
libbygirl  10/8/2006
There is an American Girl doll named Josephina.
lucky13  4/11/2008
Actually, lucky13, the doll's name is Josefina (ho-se-FEE-na), not Josephina (jo-se-FEE-na).
mariej2  7/19/2010
Phina can used as a nickname.
lakin5  10/17/2011
Josephina Victoria Occhiuto (born 1942 in New York City) is an American talk show host, comedian, and actress. She is known professionally as Joy Behar.
― Anonymous User  5/31/2012
I love this name! The best pronunciation is Ho-seph-ee-na.
Elizabeth Anna  6/14/2014
I like it, better then Josefina.
Eileen1209864  6/15/2016

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