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A famous bearer of this name is Jussi 69 from the Finnish rock band The 69 Eyes.
rsyn  9/22/2005
I've heard it pronounced as "juicy", but I've always thought of it as "juh-see".
rsyn  11/29/2005
It's pronounced more like 'yoossy'.
Vodrilus  4/7/2006
A famous Jussi was Jussi Björling, a Swedish opera singer (1911-1960). He was born Johan but known as Jussi (Jussi is a Finnish form of Johan).
Ylva  2/10/2006
Jussi Markkanen is one of the Edmonton Oiler's goaltenders.
caity-bear915  12/18/2006
Pronounced YOU-see.
perede6  7/2/2007
Pronounced JUS-si (Soundfile ex. or

In Finnish, J is pronounced as English Y as in 'yellow', U is OO as in 'spoon', SS is SS as in 'lakes sit' with no pause between s and s (basically double letters are said twice OR use a glottal stop, depending on if the letter is hard or soft), I is EE as in 'fleet'.
Kuka Olen  3/16/2008
I hate this Finnish name. It's annoyingly common here, and it sounds too youthful for a man.
slight night shiver  4/25/2008
Jussi Jaaskelainen - footballer who plays for Bolton Wanderers as goalkeeper.
greenfairy  4/27/2008
Jussi Selo - Uniklubi vocalist.
msmckagen  7/21/2008
Jussi Jokenin plays for the Carolina Hurricanes in the NHL.
YMPvt  5/7/2009
Jussi is also used as a nickname for people named Juho, Juha, Juhani or the like.
nenmo  10/6/2010

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