Names Related to Justinian

Names that are related to JUSTINIAN:
GIUSTINA   f   Italian
GIUSTINO   m   Italian
IESTYN   m   Welsh
IUSTINA   f   Late Roman
IUSTINIANUS   m   Late Roman
IUSTINUS   m   Late Roman
IUSTUS   m   Late Roman
JOOS   m   Dutch
JOOST   m   Dutch
JOŠT   m   Slovene
JUSTE   m   French
JUSTIN   m   English, French, Slovene
JUSTÍNA   f   Slovak
JUSTINA   f   English, Slovene, Czech, Lithuanian, Late Roman
JUSTINAS   m   Lithuanian
JUSTINE   f   French, English, Dutch, German
JUSTINIAN   m   History
JUSTUS   m   German, Dutch, Late Roman
JUSTY   m & f   English
JUSTYN   m   Polish
JUSTÝNA   f   Czech
JUSTYNA   f   Polish
STIEN   f   Dutch, Limburgish
USTINYA   f   Russian
YUSTINA   f   Russian