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That meaning for a guy?
Kerules  6/14/2009
Kåre Hedebrant is a famous bearer: he starred as Oskar in the movie 'Let the Right One in'.
Lunar_Wolf  3/23/2010
This name is also used in Sweden and Denmark. Examples are Swedish actor Kåre Hedebrant and Danish writer Kåre Bluitgen. [noted -ed]
Lucille  11/2/2011
Pronounced like CORE-eh in Swedish. [noted -ed]
Beautiful Victory  1/31/2013
My name is Kåre and I pronounce it like KOR-Eh.
I hated it when I was a child because it's not a popular female name, but now I absolutely LOVE it!♥ Sounds so strong and unusual.
Kaare_Bjork  10/17/2015

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