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KAE happens to be the initials of me and my two sisters (in birth order). I find that pretty neat and endearing-in a way. However, this name sounds like one was named just a letter. As though someone had named them "K" or "P" or any other letter of the alphabet. Kae is fine as a nickname but that's it really. \:
Fictionlover94Audrey  5/10/2017
Kae is also an (unrelated) Japanese name. A famous Japanese bearer is voice actress Kae Araki, who voiced Chibiusa in Sailor Moon.
Buneary  3/14/2017
This is my nickname (my given name being Kelsey). I picked it because I dislike the other nicknames that go with Kelsey (i.e. Kel, Kels). I get a lot of compliments, saying that both the sound and the spelling are unique and quite pretty.
Saphira  10/27/2005
My best friend has called me Kae Kae since we were very little, though my name is Karin. Now I use Kae Kae a lot, though I don't ask my teachers to call me that, but I wish I did. I don't really like just Kae. I think two Kaes sound better. I don't think this is good as a full name. Kay would be better (my same best friend's mom is named this).
Kae Kae  9/21/2005
A little girl that goes to my school has the name Emmely KaeAnn. I think it's very interesting.
mariej2  5/8/2005

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