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Kai Johkfer is an author.
libbygirl  10/7/2006
There is a Mortal Kombat character named Kai. :)
aquaspirit96  9/10/2007
Kai is the name of the drummer from the Japanese band the GazettE.
hizakigrace  7/21/2008
Unfortunately, whenever I think of the name Kai, I think of Kai Hiwatari from the first three seasons of the Japanese Anime called Beyblade. He may have been cold with people he didn't trust, but underneath he really did have a caring heart. He's actually my favorite character from the show and I ended up loving the name Kai because of him.
― Anonymous User  10/26/2011
Kai is the name of Tyson's opponent in Beyblade.
emilydominko  2/28/2016
Kai (aka Kim Jongin) is a member of the South Korean boy band EXO. He is the lead dancer of the group, and is the second youngest member.
― Anonymous User  8/19/2016

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