Kala = Princess in Hawaiian
Sarah/Sara/Sarra = Princess in many languages
Kala = Sarah
kala1234  9/2/2015
In Hawaiian, Kala can mean many things. If there is no kahako (macron) over the last a, it can be translated as "money." If there is a kahako over the last a, it can be translated to, "the sun." There are 13 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet, the okina (glottal stop) being a recognized "letter." A good resource to use when searching MOST Hawaiian names and/or words, is
― Anonymous User  12/10/2013
When translating my name (Emma Starr) to Hawaiian, I got the name Ema Kala.
When I translated my mother's name (Sara) it was also Kala.
How can it be both, plus other names that begin with S?
(Translated on an internet translator, so don't call me stupid or anything. If it's wrong, it's NOT my fault.)

Either way, I think it's gorgeous and were I ever to move to Hawaii to raise a family, I'd name my daughter this.
ema_kala  12/20/2009
Kala doesn't sound anything like Sarah.
― Anonymous User  7/10/2006
The Hawaiian alphabet only has 12 letters: a, e, i, o, u, h, k, l, m, n, p, and w. So, there is no S, R, or H, and thus, of COURSE this doesn't SOUND like Sarah. It's the Hawaiian form.
Evil  2/26/2008
Thanks, Captain Obvious! (comment #1)

A form/variant of a name doesn't have to sound exactly like the one it derived from. In Hawaii, their traditional alphabet, I believe, did not have S, R or H in it. I could be wrong.
dreadfulxsorry  8/12/2007
Maybe it just has the same meaning as Sarah?
― Anonymous User  4/3/2007

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