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Kamal is Hindi for the lotus flower (a large pink flower that grows in the water).
AcuraIntegraSpeed  2/11/2006
Actually it means "miracle" not "red". Red is Lal! It's my friend's brother's name and she told me that. :)
minikupcake  2/3/2007
I thought it meant "death," actually. But then, I'm just a slightly insane 13-year-old girl, so feel free to ignore me.
― Anonymous User  4/22/2007
From the game TES3: Morrowind --

Kamal, meaning "Snow Hell", is one of four nations of Akavir. It is home to armies of snow demons. Every summer these demons thaw out and attempt to invade the neighboring nation of Tang Mo, home to many breeds of monkey-people, but every year they are repelled.
― Anonymous User  5/14/2007

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