Kamaria is my middle name and I love it! My full name is Jamila Kamaria which means "beautiful like the moon" and I have always been told it's of Swahili/Arabic origin. It makes me feel connected to the moon, anything with the moon I get jewelry, paintings, I even have a crescent Moon tattoo. I'm 35 and I actually met a little girl about 2 or so and Kamaria was her first name, her mom said she never met anyone else with the name.
― Anonymous User  10/1/2018
My name is Kamaria and I love it. It makes me stand out from "regular" names. Sometimes people say it wrong but it makes me unique.
kamaria0002  4/6/2017
My name is Kamaria but I go by Mar and yes, I was always told that it meant "like the moon" also. And I've always loved my name because I never meet somebody with my name.
juscallmekar  4/20/2016
My name is Kamaria and I've always been told it was Swahili and meant "like the moon".
That's the only meaning I've ever known. I'm now 38 years old and I love that my name is gaining some popularity and I can actually find websites with discussions around it ;)
Km9605  11/16/2015
Actually, Kamaria does have to do with the moon and is of Swahili origin, although the actual meaning is "moonlight," not moon. Many Arabic words are taken and then transformed to form a new word in Kiswahili. The word "Swahili" itself originates from the Arabic word "sahil." Anyway, you can't expect a dictionary to know all the words of a language, though it is true that kamari is a game of chance.

That being said, I've never actually met someone with this name before. It's a nice name, although one of those names where, if the person doesn't know anything about Swahili and the way the words are pronounced, would be pronounced many different ways.

Swahili is my native tongue, by the way.
Seassees  2/6/2010
The Kamusi Project ( ) seems to disagree with the statement that this name is Swahili in origin. The database claims "moon" is "mwezi", and the closest thing to "kamaria" in the database is a game of chance called "kamari". A credible source for the claim that "kamaria" means anything along the lines of "moon" would be appreciated. [noted -ed]
kementari  12/21/2006
Pronounced kah-mah-REE-ah.
Rosethorn08  5/27/2006
I love this name, it sounds so romantic and exotic. I really like it, I had never heard of it before now. Hmmm...another name to think about.
― Anonymous User  5/4/2006
I really like this name. It's exotic sounding yet not one of those names you hate introducing yourself as because it's always pronounced wrong.
ezy_lou  12/10/2005

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