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I always say that every name has a beauty of its own and none deserves to be ridiculed or spit upon, BUT... this name is so stupid it burns. It's original alright, but in the unfortunate, Mary-Sueish "super-speshul" way. The meaning is unbelievably cutesy and cheesy (which goes for most Esperanto names), nobody will know how to pronounce/spell it, the J circumflex will be a perpetual source of bother for any potential bearer, etc. etc. Please, if naming your child, choose one of the thousands of beautiful, real names, not some artificial, would-be fancy Esperanto monstrosity. (My apologies to everyone who likes this name, but this is how I feel about it.)
-- that one  11/6/2010
I love this name so much! I love how it sounds and while it's uncommon alright, I can't help but love it anyway.

Also, I'm sure many names that we use today and that are commonly accepted started out with backlash from the community before becoming popular. :)

My brother speaks Esperanto in the house with his family and they named their daughter this. So far she doesn't have a lot of problems, she just tells everyone who's confused about the name to pronounce the Ĵ as a "z", and the school she goes to simply uses j instead of ĵ. While that makes it pronounced "kan-DA-ya" in Esperanto, or "kan-da-JAH" in English, she knows when the substitute teacher's saying her name.

Also, what makes a name "real"? A name is what you call a person. So this is a "real" name, is it not? And "beautiful" is a matter of opinion.

Opinion from a different perspective! X.
-- Anonymous User  6/25/2013

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