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I always say that every name has a beauty of its own and none deserves to be ridiculed or spit upon, BUT... this name is so stupid it burns. It's original alright, but in the unfortunate, Mary-Sueish "super-speshul" way. The meaning is unbelievably cutesy and cheesy (which goes for most Esperanto names), nobody will know how to pronounce/spell it, the J circumflex will be a perpetual source of bother for any potential bearer, etc. etc. Please, if naming your child, choose one of the thousands of beautiful, real names, not some artificial, would-be fancy Esperanto monstrosity. (My apologies to everyone who likes this name, but this is how I feel about it.)
that one  11/6/2010
I love this name so much! I love how it sounds and while it's uncommon alright, I can't help but love it anyway.

Also, I'm sure many names that we use today and that are commonly accepted started out with backlash from the community before becoming popular. :)

My brother speaks Esperanto in the house with his family and they named their daughter this. So far she doesn't have a lot of problems, she just tells everyone who's confused about the name to pronounce the Ĵ as a "z", and the school she goes to simply uses j instead of ĵ. While that makes it pronounced "kan-DA-ya" in Esperanto, or "kan-da-JAH" in English, she knows when the substitute teacher's saying her name.

Also, what makes a name "real"? A name is what you call a person. So this is a "real" name, is it not? And "beautiful" is a matter of opinion.

Opinion from a different perspective! X.
― Anonymous User  6/25/2013
I love uncommon and unusual names, but I'm not sure about this one.

I will start off with the meaning of the name. It IS cheesy. ("She's such a sweet girl, she's made of candy") And it is not a very strong meaning like "bearer of the sun" or "night flower". But there is also something endearing about it.

Even though I now know how to pronounce the name correctly and I somewhat like that pronunciation (it's rough, but it has a strength to it), I often find myself switching back to how I pronounced it before - "kahn-DIE-yah" (pronouncing the 'ĵ' like a 'y'). If you live in the United States, Mexico, Spain or any other place where this kind of pronunciation with the 'ĵ' is not common, I am certain that other people are going to have trouble pronouncing the name as well and may spell it wrong when writing it down.

Overall, in my opinion Kandaĵa is an alright name. Just alright. It's not my favorite and I'm not terribly fond of it, but that is solely my opinion. If you're reading this and you're named Kandaĵa, then congratulations for having a name that is different and unique with such a sweet meaning...
Get it, sweet?
Chariot of Artemis  9/24/2016

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