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This name also has a masculine history. In Rajasthan the meena community used to give name own child.
― Anonymous User  11/23/2009
I think Kanti is a beautiful name. It seems mysterious, cute, and dramatic all at the same time. This is currently one of my favorite girl's names.
an0nymous  12/13/2006
Other origin possibilities for the name Kanti.

Uralic: ethnographic name originating from the Khanti-Mansi tribes inhabiting the southern Ural mountains of central Russia, their closest relatives being the Ugrians/Magyars of Hungary and the Bashkirs of central Russia.
Altaic: titular name of Turkic Oguz origin, from Mongol khan 'lord', Moghul equivalent ghandi, modern Indian titular equivalent Gandhi and Veddic personal name kanti meaning 'enlightened one'.
Germanic: topographic name for a person living on the edge of a settlement or in a corner, from Middle Low German kant(e) 'edge', 'corner'.
Germanic: habitational name from any of various places called Kant in Prussia, or from Kanth, near Wroc³aw (Breslau) in Silesia. Also see St John of Kanti (14th century patron saint of Poland and Lithuania) born in the village of Kanti near Auschwitz.
jkanti  5/5/2005

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