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This looks like it should be pronounced ka-RAW.
-- Catherine  1/2/2006
This is a pseudo-Irish spelling, perhaps based on the likes of Kavanaugh. I've never seen it personally, but have seen Caragh many times.
-- Elly747  11/26/2006
Yuck. What genius came up with this tragedy?
-- dreadfulxsorry  1/24/2007
A good name, ruined by appalling spelling.
-- Anonymous User  6/14/2007
A pretentious, pseudo-retro spelling of a nice name. This looks like it's pronounced KA-raw.
-- slight night shiver  4/25/2008
Ugh, this spelling looks really gross. I stumbled upon it accidentally and I didn't even realize it was supposed to be Cara/Kara at first. The spelling and pronunciation make no sense whatsoever.
-- Anonymous User  1/28/2009
Spelled in this way, the name seems somewhat masculine to me.
-- Athena Nike  3/11/2010
I stumbled upon this name by accident. In my opinion Karaugh is a very masculine name better suited as a surname rather a first or middle. In a way, it kind of reminds me of the name Krav Maga, a brutal martial art. I am certain I would mistake it as such if I were skimming pages quickly. I suppose this further highlights the masculinity.
-- MerraDelp  7/24/2012
Hideous. Looks like "Kara, ugh!"
-- Caprice  11/20/2012
Sounds like some sort of exotic food dish. "I'll have the kebabs and the Karaugh curry please."
-- dimitridominic  3/25/2013
Awful, unnecessary elaboration.
-- silly_rabbit  9/13/2015
It looks like it should be pronounced Ka-Raw or Ka-Row. If you want to pronounce it as Ka-Ra, please just spell it as Kara or Cara. It makes things a lot easier for everyone.
-- Anonymous User  2/27/2016

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