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Katja is a popular name in Germany. It´s pronounced Kut-yah. It was especially popular in the 1980´s along with several other -ja ending names.
-- Destry  4/13/2005
Also spelled as "Katje" from what I've seen. Katja ("KAHT-ya") is also a Russian pet form of Katherine, with a somewhat different spelling. I like this name; it's a diminutive that actually retains some elegance and dignity of the original name, unlike "Cathy", "Christie" or "Candy", which are too "cutesy" and have become a little too common.
-- Anonymous User  4/28/2005
It's also used it Sweden and Finland. Pronounced like "cut ya".
-- Caprice  4/22/2006
Listen to the German pronunciation of Katja here:
-- _satu_  9/3/2006
Blunt and harsh sounding to me, almost masculine.
-- Anonymous User  10/13/2007
It's used in the Netherlands as well.

A friend of mine bears this name and I like it. Especially because it had the Dutch word "kat" in it which means "cat".
-- renee06  11/18/2007
Also a feminine name in Croatia.
-- goricar  3/14/2010
Katjaa is an character who appears in season 1 of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead episodic adventure video game.
-- Anonymous User  7/2/2014
In what I've found, Katja means "pure." I like the name very much and would plan to name my daughter that someday.

I teach German so I want a German name that isn't too old (I think of my great grandma Olga from Germany...). Katja sounds cute and dainty. It's like the German form of Katie. I do worry how people would pronounce her name. I've seen it English-ized to "Katya" to aid pronunciation, but I don't want to lose the German roots.
-- swallow1989  8/22/2014
I really like this name as a diminutive of Katherine or variants thereof. It is classy and sounds cool without being as common as Kate/Katie. User:Swallow1989 described the name perfectly.
-- YITYNR  1/2/2016
In my opinion, this name sounds very harsh and masculine even though it ends with an "a". I would never use it.
-- Alexanna  10/3/2014
My name is Katja and I think it is unique but also quite annoying because people cannot pronounce it right.
-- katja0101  12/15/2015
Katja Johanna Alice Nyberg is a naturalized Norwegian handball player, currently retired. She has played 99 games for the Norwegian national team.
-- cutenose  6/19/2016

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