KAY (2)
GENDER: Masculine
Meaning & History
From the Welsh name Cai or Cei, possibly a form of the Roman name GAIUS. Sir Kay was one of the Knights of the Round Table in Arthurian legend. He first appears in Welsh tales as a brave companion of Arthur. In later medieval tales, notably those by the 12th-century French poet Chrétien de Troyes, he is portrayed as an unrefined boor.
Related Names
VARIANTS: Cai (Welsh Mythology), Cai (Arthurian Romance)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Gaios (Ancient Greek), Caius, Gaius (Ancient Roman), Gaius (Biblical), Gaios (Biblical Greek), Gaius (Biblical Latin), Cai, Caj, Kai, Kaj, Kay (Danish), Kai (Dutch), Kai (Finnish), Kai, Kay (Frisian), Gaioz (Georgian), Kai, Kay (German), Kajus (Lithuanian), Cai, Caj, Kai, Kaj, Kay (Norwegian), Cai, Caj, Kai, Kaj, Kay (Swedish)
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