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Kazuki Fukuchi is a former Nippon Professional Baseball outfielder.
lilolaf  7/21/2017
Kazuki Takahashi is a Japanese manga artist and game creator, best known for creating Yu-Gi-Oh!. Takahashi started as a manga artist in 1982. His first work was Tokiō no Tsuma, published in 1990. One of his earliest works, Tennenshoku Danji Buray, was published from 1991 to 1992 and lasted two volumes.
cutenose  6/11/2017
Kazuki Inoue is a former Nippon Professional Baseball outfielder.
lilolaf  4/22/2017
Kazuki Ōmori is a Japanese film director and screenwriter. Born in Osaka, Ōmori studied at Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine and actually holds a license to practice medicine. While in school, he began making films independently, with Kuraku naru made matenai!, which featured Seijun Suzuki, receiving particularly high praise. His script "Orenji rōdo kyūkō" won the 3rd Kido Award for screenplays in 1977, and the next year he was able to film that in his professional debut. Several of his films, such as the 1980 Hipokuratesu-tachi, feature doctors or rely on his knowledge of medicine. He has worked in a variety of genres, including suspense films, musicals, and most famously abroad, several contributions to the Heisei Godzilla series.
cutenose  2/4/2017
This name can also be written 一樹. 一 (kazu) means "one" and 樹 (ki) means "tree". [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  11/3/2015
Kazuki Sakuraba (桜庭 一樹 - female) wrote the Japanese manga/light novel series "Gosick".
princesssara  11/11/2012
"Kazuki" is not just restricted to the suggested kanji's listed here. A man that I admire and respect very much has the kanji's 一樹, which means "one tree". There are also obviously many other combinations that can be used, although there are too many to list.
princesssara  9/28/2012
My name is Kazuki, written 和希. I love my name, although when I was little and had short hair it often caused confusion as people often thought I'm a boy. I sometimes wished I had a name that's easier to make a nickname out of (Kaz or Kazu is for boys in Japan).
nemui_10pm  7/1/2010
Famous bearer would be Kazuki Fuchoin of the anime GetBackers. And, he was a guy but I also believe that this would be a nice name for a girl.
seishou  3/23/2007
A nickname for Kazuki is Kaz.
Taydbug112  12/7/2006
I think it can also be used for girls.
pocho-mole  6/20/2006

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