Names Related to Kenna

Names that are related to KENNA:
CAINNEACH   m   Irish
CINÁED   m   Scottish, Irish
CIONAODH   m   Irish
COINNEACH   m   Scottish
KEN (1)   m   English
KENDRA   f   English
KENINA   f   Scottish
KENITH   m   English (Rare)
KENNA   f   Scottish
KENNET   m   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
KENNETH   m   Scottish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
KENNITH   m   English
KENNY   m   Scottish, English
KENZIE   m & f   English
MACKENZIE   f & m   English
MAKENNA   f   English (Modern)
MAKENZIE   f   English (Modern)
MCKENNA   f   English (Modern)
MCKENZIE   f   English (Modern)