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Why on earth would you name a poor, innocent baby girl Kennedy?
― Anonymous User  9/7/2005
This name sounds good for a boy, but absolutely terrible for a girl. People really are going overboard with unisex names.
― Anonymous User  10/16/2005
My cousin's name is Kennedy. Her little brother is named Cash. I think the name is cute, but maybe I have been around it for a while.
renny  12/24/2005
I love this name for a girl. It's still unusual as a feminine first name, yet, because the surname is familiar, it will not present spelling or pronunciation problems as many unusual names do. I'm also a fan of girls' names with strong denotations (warrior, leader, etc).
Alliekens  1/5/2006
Another meaning for this name is "Chief With Helmet" (Irish). And a different spelling is "Kenadie".
Pheadirean  4/14/2006
I have never liked this name for a boy or a girl.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2006
HEY! My name's Kennedy! -grumbles and stomps off in a huff- And I was named after a character, mind.
KittyCat  6/22/2006
I'm pregnant and due next February. If I have a girl, her name will be Kennedey Grace Alyzabeth. I'm not sure why I like this name so much, but I do. I also like the name Kyle for a girl.
Rynne86  7/14/2006
I think that Kennedy is a pretty name for a girl because of the fact that it is an unusual girl name. I also think that it sounds very intellectual.
namecatcher91  8/16/2006
Well, I gave this name to my daughter over 10 years ago. She absolutely LOVES it. I had never heard anyone with the name except for a young English girl on a tween sitcom. I fell in love with it the moment I first heard it when I was young. My husband loved it equally. She has received positive feedback on her name on a regular basis. People go crazy over it. My only dissapointment with the name is how popular it has become. Way too popular for me. When we chose her name, there was only a few Kennedy's in the nation based on SocSec records. Now there are a ton! Oh well. Can't control that. She said her teachers always tell her she's the first Kennedy they ever taught. I think that at least makes her feel unique, which was my goal.
― Anonymous User  9/6/2006
It is a common surname. How more unoriginal can you get?
― Anonymous User  9/30/2006
What a ridiculous choice for a girl.
assumpta  10/22/2006
Who wants to have a name which means "misshapen head"? Not that funny. And what if your surname is Kennedy? Kennedy Kennedy sounds very unimagnitive.
someone1  1/18/2007
It's the name of a vampire slayer on Buffy. And quite pretty too.
― Anonymous User  1/25/2007
I think it's ironic that it means "armoured head" and, well, President Kennedy was shot in the head.
― Anonymous User  1/30/2007
Even though it's as "feminine" as a lot of other surname unisex names, this name still sounds masculine to me. And I've seen an even more unpleasant-sounding meaning applied to it: "ugly head."
― Anonymous User  4/6/2007
I don't know why people hate this name for a girl so much! I think Kennedy is a beautiful name for a girl, and I really like it. I actually do not like this name for a boy, I think it's completely and totally feminine. I know two girls named Kennedy in my school. I find that weird, because I've never ever met another person named Kennedy except for those two girls at my school. Hmmm.
grapefruit_girl  7/13/2007
It is sad that its meaning is "misshapen head", though. -sigh-
grapefruit_girl  7/13/2007
Like some other people said on here, people are going overboard with the unisex names. In my opinion, Kennedy is one of the worst, ugliest names for a girl. Ever. (Mind you, this is my opinion, don't bash it)

Unisex names are ok, in my opinion (like Chris, Bobby, etc.) but when people take boy names and make them "girly" (AKA just spelled with y's and double letters) it doesn't make sense. Boy names are for boys, girl names are for girls, and unisex names are for both genders.
rv14142  8/4/2007
For girls, it should be spelled Kennedi or Kenadi. This way is too masculine.
― Anonymous User  9/1/2007
I am tired of seeing poor little girls having this name. What's so great about this name? Does it sound "strong" well, I disagree. I don't think hijacking boy surnames and applying them to girls makes them sound strong. It makes their parents sound stupid because the daughter is another product of the current fad of boy surnames for girls. Besides, there are plenty of prettier, less used names. When I hear another Kennedy, (it's insanely popular in my area) I think, "Great, another product of a dumb fad."
― Anonymous User  9/5/2007
What is a 'boy surname'? I didn't know that boys have specifically distinct surnames. Perhaps your intended meaning was 'masculine-sounding surnames'. Personally, I know that the name Kennedy is very trendy and popular. However, I cannot stop myself from liking it anyway, just like I appreciate the names Mallory and Fifer. As long as one doesn't misspell it, Kennedy is a good name that can honor a good president. I prefer it on girls, but I guess it works for boys, too.
cdawg  12/9/2017
A stodgy meat pie of a name.
Isemay  9/27/2007
The name of an MTV VJ in the 90's whose name became a lot more popular than she did.
elizabeth hamlet  10/28/2007
Completely awful. I pity any girl with this name. It's a boys name. Not a girls name. Plus, who wants to be called 'misshapen head'?
rebeccar  12/14/2007
I do not mind Kennedy. It is not my favorite but there is nothing bad about it and it is kind of cute in my opinion.

A lot of people are commenting that it is a surname but a lot of names are a first name and a surname like Rose, Jordan, Martin, Madison, Aaron, Austin, Taylor, Scott, Jackson.

Oh yeah about the meaning that is a downer but how not too many people besides the Behindthename users care about the meaning besides that it is cool thing to check once.
― Anonymous User  12/26/2007
I'm sick of these stupid people saying that these names are boy's names. Girls need names too! It's a unisex name for god's sake.
― Anonymous User  2/5/2008
Yes girls need names too: that's why there are girl names! And boys need names - that's why there are boy names. And there won't be anymore if women keep giving their girls boy's names and all the boy names become girl names or "unisex" names.
ZoeAliza  2/13/2008
Okay on a boy, bad on a girl.
number1212  5/14/2008
I'm suprised that no one mentioned the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
Lady Seashell  6/26/2008
I always think of JFK's brother, Bobby.
welovejamesarness  6/26/2008
There's a band called the Dead Kennedys. I have no idea who they are beyond the fact that I dislike their name, however.
Pippin  6/26/2008
This name sounds so snobbish and hideous, especially on a girl. It doesn't sound one bit feminine at all. It also has a hideous meaning. Who wants to have a name meaning "ugly head"? Names like Kennedy tend to be used by yuppies who raise their kids to be spoiled brats instead of intelligent people.
bananarama  7/28/2008
My name is Kennedy and I love it! It's unique but common enough that people know it. Whoever is all out there saying its a horrible name, remember that some of us who read those comments actually LIKE the name Kennedy!
knd_leigh713  2/17/2009
This is a good name for a boy, but HORRIBLE on a girl! It does not sound very feminine, and the spelling of it does not help much either! Just stating my opinion out there.
― Anonymous User  6/26/2009
I think this name is pretty cute and unique. It's not my favorite name, but I'd love to meet someone with this name.
Also, I'm not one of those people who goes "boy names are for boys, girl names are for girls". Think of all the boys' names that have now become girls' names that no one questions anymore- Carol, Renee, Hilary, Ashley, Robin. Names change all the time, and if a boys' name becomes a girls' name or (what we need more of) a girls' name becomes a boys' name, it's all fine with me unless I think it's done poorly (like the name Madison becoming a girl's name because of the movie Splash). But Kennedy seems like it's been done well and it works alright.
plutogirlgenius  8/25/2009
Poster above, check a dictionary. Something is either unique or it isn't. In what way, shape or form is Kennedy 'unique'? Please, I'd love to know. It goes against logic.
― Anonymous User  9/12/2009
SO I hear you'd LOVE to know. Well, let's see. First of all, how many people have you met with the name Kennedy? I bet not many. And when I say it's unique: It's more creative than Kate or Kelly, don't you think? I've heard it lots as a last name, but not much as a first name. Oh, by the way, I don't need to get a dictionary. Dictionaries give you facts. And this is my OPINION of the name. And if my opinion of the name Kennedy is that it's unique, so be it. That's the way it is.
knd_leigh713  10/24/2009
So you've chosen to ignore the meaning of 'unique' in favour of your sparkleigh representation. Nice cop out.

Unique = one of kind. Period. There are no degrees of unique. It is a not a substitute word for "creative". Kennedy (used on multiple children as well as being a commonplace surname) does not qualify. Fact. How on earth can Kennedy mean one of a kind, logically? Abuse the English language all you like but you can't expect me to appreciate your mangling of words.

And I've encountered several. "Ugly head" seems to be on the way down though so I'm grateful.
― Anonymous User  10/28/2009
Well, well, well. No need to get all fiesty about it, sheesh. Sorry for insulting you with my improper use of the English language. All I'm saying is, yes, Unique means "one of kind". The name Kennedy is creative. The name Kennedy is pretty and not as popular as other names, which I like. The name Kennedy is unique, as are ALL names, not because of the names themselves, but because of the people who possess them and make them beautiful. That's my opinion on it, and nothing's gonna change it.
knd_leigh713  4/9/2010
I think that this is a decent name on a boy or a girl. But I like it better on a girl. It doesn't sound very feminine; and everyone will think that you named her after JFK. Nothing's wrong with that, just sayin'. My name is a unisex name that comes from a surname. I also know a guy named Bailey B. But my name isn't so overly popular for girls that it's embarrassing for a guy to be named Bailey.
baileymarissa  11/18/2009
I am surprised that a discussion about the definition of the word "unique" did arise in the comments section for the name Kennedy. The term "unique" is used quite often to describe the unusualness of a name. A number of people might not agree with that rather informal usage of that word. In addition to the definition "being the only one"/"single"/"sole" I found the definitions "unusual" and "extraordinary" in a number of online dictionaries. However there seems to be objection to the informal or modified usage of the word "unique".
Swiff  5/7/2010
Thank you very much Swiff. I wholeheartedly agree with you :)
knd_leigh713  5/30/2010
A girl at my church was named Kennedy, she's 5 now. My brother is so stubborn, he's been calling her Reagan since the day she was born. I think it's funny. :) I personally HATE this name, I prefer girly names. Even if I do ever name one of my kids after a President, it sure as heck won't be named after one who used to pose for Playboy.
lovingmother  5/17/2010
Kennedy is my name, and I am a girl. I find it an all-around terrible name. From the meaning, to the way it sounds. All of the nicknames that can be pulled out of 'Kennedy' are very masculine. Ken and Edy, for example. This forces me to go by my middle name.
― Anonymous User  5/31/2010
I love the sound of it, but I hate the meaning! :(
Chrila96  8/6/2010
Kennedy is number one on my list for a GIRL!
This happens to be my Grandfather's last name. He was one of my favorite people in the whole world and he passed away not too long ago.
So, no there is no mind changing.
Even if most of you believe it is a horrible name.
Kate-Allen  11/24/2010
This would be a fine name if it didn't mean Misshapen head.

That's like naming your kid Mierda.
FlakyMatt  5/20/2011
Name of the Day: June 26th, 2011.
AndrewJKD  6/28/2011
Hey my name is Kennedy! And btdubs I think it's a great name for girls. And it shouldn't be a boys name. It just doesn't work. But everyone I know loves my name. And there's another girl Kennedy at my school.
― Anonymous User  12/12/2012
I am sooo sorry that my name offends people? I love my name personally and I DONT THINK IT'S 'MANLY'. I have 3 other Kennedys at my school and they all love their name. Just because someone's name means something as stupid as "helmet head" doesn't mean ALL Kennedys have to be bashed for it. Btw the twat who said "Great another dumb lard" excuse you? I'm sure your name isn't the best there is out there so why go make an idiotic comment like that. Rude. Next time you people want to bash on someones name GO CHECK YOURS OUT AND READ THE COMMENTS FOR IT, THEN COME BACK.
KennedyNicole13  12/19/2012
My name is Kennedy and I love it so much. It is different and I don't know anyone else with this name. I think Kennedy is a lot more feminine than masculine and I really can't picture it on a boy. People say why would you ever name your child Kennedy because of its meaning, but a) the meaning of your name doesn't define who you are and b) I have done some other research and found that Kennedy can also mean royalty, which I prefer to think :) Kennedy is a beautiful name and I really couldn't ask for a better one.
― Anonymous User  1/21/2013
Why are you all hating on this name? Kennedy is my name, and I think it is BEAUTIFUL. It is so unique and pretty, not boring and common like most of the names nowadays.
kennedyismyname  3/2/2013
Haha! I hope the comment above me was a joke! This name is super boring, not the least bit unique or pretty, and apparently quite common. It's in the top 100. Check your facts before you state them, Kennedy. Anyways, this name is awful. Just another surname gone trendy female name. It sounds like youre calling someone by their last name when you call them this, probably because it should've stayed in the last name slot. Honestly, most of the parents naming their kids Kennedy today weren't even alive when JFK was president. Not saying that's the only reason people name their children this, I'm sure plenty just 'think its cute', but its definitely the most obvious. Naming your children after presidents is probably not a good idea, considering some people have very strong views on politics and will judge you and your family for naming your child after a certain president. And the Kennedy's werent exactly the luckiest family. Quite a few of them died way too soon in horrific ways. Overall, this name is gag-inducing, childish, overly masculine and surname-y, and I really hope it'll die out soon.
― Anonymous User  6/20/2013
I dislike this name on a girl. It's not feminine or pretty at all. It also means 'ugly head' which is not flattering.
Almonds  7/28/2013
Sure let's name our daughter Kennedy. Then we can name our son Nixon.
citylights  8/29/2013
This name is so beautiful for a girl. I love it! My cousin's name is Kennedy and she matches it so well.
Cassidy_  3/5/2014
Kennedy also means "helmet-headed" and "ugly-headed". I don't like the second definition, but a headstrong little girl is very cute.
ScarletChica  3/28/2014
I love the name Kennedy. It is a great example of a surname as a first name, which I fall for every time and who doesn't want a headstrong little girl also named after JFK. I know a Kennedy (my class are buddies to the second graders) and she is super sweet. She made this name great for me.
ScarletChica  3/28/2014
My name is Kennedy, people often say that my full name is very strong and professional almost. I've only met one other girl named Kennedy and she was much younger than me. I was 12 when the name began to get popular and used more often. Before it became popular, people would always say how unique it was. I wasn't named after anybody in particular, and thank god because then I feel it would take away some of my individuality. I think the name is a nice choice, but once in a while. Everyone having the same name is no fun!
― Anonymous User  4/28/2014
I love my name (Kennedy). Some people may think it is not a unique name but it is pretty different compared to names like Emma, Kayla, Ann, Lisa or plain names like those. It is an interesting name that also is a surname, but you can break the rules and use it as a first name. It is a unisex name that sounds better on girls than boys, maybe I think that because I'm a girl and I'm used to it. Just my opinion. Even though I don't like the meaning "misshapen head" or " ugly helmet", I think the name is very strong and not a girly, ordinary name. Hence the other meaning "shielded head". Though to me, it is feminine but has strength. My parents named my brother Lincoln, and my sister McKinley (nicknamed Mackie). When I told my friends they thought it was cool. I like being the only one I know with the name Kennedy, makes me feel unique. I have many nicknames Ken, Kay, Kay Kay and more. I like them. Oh, and to all of the people who feel sorry or look down on girls just because they have the name Kennedy, I don't need your pity.
Kennedy9003  5/24/2014
The popularity of this as a girl's name makes me lose any kind of faith I had in humanity; I hope the rapture comes soon so it doesn't get any worse.
Hussien  6/26/2014
I think Kennedy is a great name. It is also my name.
― Anonymous User  7/5/2014
My daughter is Kennedy and she loves it. Anyone I tell her name to they love it. Her nick names are dee, dee dee, or kenny... She's a very stubborn, thick headed little girl, so armor head fits perfect! For the people saying how much they hate this name they should make sure their name is perfect and awesome!
dreadedmom  7/7/2014
Honestly, forget ALL of you who say Kennedy is a horrible name for a girl. YES I AM A GIRL, AND YES MY NAME IS KENNEDY. And guess what?... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my name! Call me what you want, but these horrid comments are insults to me. My name is freaking Awesome (: I love it.
kennedy_young  9/2/2014
Love the name. Worked L&D for 5 years and the only Kennedy I saw was spelled "Kenadie"-which to me looks ignorant, not cool or unique. When I review resumes I look at the name. In customer service you need reps who can be contacted by name easily.

I would love to see the names the bashers name their kids. I need a good laugh.

Kennedy was a revolutionary president which is why I named my daughter Kennedy. Easy name, not common in the areas I've lived in. We call her Kenn kenn usually right now. She's getting older so I've been diverting back to Kennedy.

To each their own-
Issuespleaselist  9/7/2014
My three best friends are all named Claudia, Kennedy and Kennedi and mine is Kendall. We all know we have unique names and we love them. I love all these names for girls (we're all girls) and boys (not Claudia)!
Kgirl621  11/12/2014
The name personally should mean smart because I have a first name of Kennedy and I have all A's every year so that is amazing, and Kennedy haters you made me cry my eyes out. :(.
Kennedy21053  3/2/2015
I don't understand why so many people are against boys' names for girls... I really think it depends on where you live and how you grew up, but I picture this as a kind of "Jordan;" feminine in my mind, but also good for a boy. In my opinion, unisex names are the best. Maybe that's just my generation, because unisex names are extremely common now. I really do love this name :)
― Anonymous User  5/12/2015
Whoa, those are some very interesting comments of the name Kennedy. I admit that the meaning is NOT the best meaning. But the meaning should not define you. My name is Kennedy. And over the past years I have met a good amount of Kennedy's. They were all girls. Never met boy Kennedy's but they are out there. Kennedy is definitely a unisex name with no doubt. It's a strong name, an independent name, and to be honest it's a bad ass name... speaking in good terms; not just because it's my name. About a month ago, one of my friends sent me a picture with the definition of the name Kennedy. Basically it said, Kennedy's are unforgettable, shy yet secretly funny, they know how to make you smile and hard to stay mad at. For all the people that bashed this name... y'all have y'all own opinion but y'all can clearly see the facts now. :)
kenjen101  9/12/2015
Ouch.. xD some of these comments make me cringe. As someone with the name Kennedy, I honestly don't mind it. I think the helmet headed part to me means hard-headed, which resembles me pretty well actually, because I am quite stubborn and 'hard-headed'. Other than that, when my mom had me, her and my real dad couldn't agree on any other name but this one, hence why I was named it. Although my mom would have named me Penelope if she could! As far as 'uniqueness', I haven't met a lot of people in my life who've had the same FIRST name as me. Though I remember one in elementary school and about three in 9th grade and that's basically it. And I don't even think this would be relevant, but you know those things that you'd see sometimes in stores like key chains or something like those where it has different people's names? I never saw my name on any of those custom chains. XD Come on now! I want a keychain or necklace or whatever it is with my name on it, lol! But that's fine. ;)

But anyways, I used to not like my name when I was younger because I didn't think it was 'girly' enough, but now I'm perfectly fine with it and think it suits me well. The funniest thing is when whenever I told people my name, they're like, "OH YEAH! Like JFK the president!" And this one kid in 9th grade basically just decided to nickname me John F. Kennedy throughout the duration of the school year. I didn't mind of course :P Though keep in mind I wasn't intentionally named after the president, otherwise my mom would have told me a long time ago.

I honestly don't care if it was meant to be a guys name. That's like saying no girls should be named Jordan because it was MEANT to be a guys name. I get that people have their opinions and such about names but CHILL! A name is a name to me, so I don't get why some make such a huge fuss about it getting out of hand for a girls name. And the meaning of said name sometimes doesn't necessarily match the person's personality. It also shouldn't be the only thing that defines the person. There is MUCH more to a person than just a name. As Shakespeare says, "What's in a name?"
rosexbud  10/2/2015
I am chiming in simply because there hasn't been a response from a male Kennedy. My father's name was Kenneth, and they didn't want me to be a junior or second, so they went with Kennedy. I have never met another male Kennedy, and sometimes on the phone I am assumed to be female just by my name (even though I sound like a male). However, I like the fact that my name is a little less masculine in some respects, but is also a strong name. Two pieces of advice though: if your baby's last name is something that could also be a first name, stay away from Kennedy. My last name is Roberts, and occasionally my name will be incorrect on forms as Robert Kennedy. And lastly, DO NOT get cute with the spelling. One poster said that she wanted to spell it weird because the normal spelling is too masculine. That is ridiculous, it is the same name, you are just relegating your child to a life of, "No, it's spelled Kinnadeigh."
kennedywroberts  10/29/2015
Excuseeeeee me! Anyone who says Kennedy is a bad name for a boy or girl or both you are wrong! My name is Kennedy and it is offending to hear y'all ranting about how Kennedy is not a unisex name! You shouldn't be saying those things because it is your opinion, it is not a registered fact in an encyclopedia! Now wrap up your attitudes and take back those rude and biased comments! Because your names are no better!
jolly6  11/28/2015
Kennedy is a beautiful name to me, who cares about the meaning or the so-called boyishness of the name? I know three female Kennedy's and exactly zero male ones, and none of their heads are deformed.
― Anonymous User  12/8/2015
My husband and I decided to name our first child Kennedy about a year before we actually got pregnant. We felt it was a strong name for either a boy or a girl. We just so happen to have a boy. I hear the name more often than I ever have before and I have yet to see another male Kennedy (besides Mr. Kennedy a couple comments up). I think it is a wonderful name.
Nikkimfj  12/21/2015
This is a masculine surname. Why ANYONE would name their daughter this is beyond me. Kennedy is best on a boy and even better as a surname. And another thing: who honestly would give their child a name that is an overly common surname?
― Anonymous User  12/24/2015
Its funny how everyone is saying this is a masculine name but when have you ever met a boy named Kennedy? If anything it's a common last name.
― Anonymous User  1/20/2016
This is my sister's name but I don't really like the name. It's a nice name, but it's not in my top 10.
LEXI781  1/26/2016
My daughter's name is Kennedy, she is 14. I had a friend with that name when I was a child and I always loved it. My daughter used to love the name, which was often shortened to DeeDee, now she likes to be known as Kenzah.
nix247  3/10/2016
It's crazy when you look at the comments on here back from 10, 11 years ago and see how much a name has developed since then... or caught on I guess you could say. Such negative Nancy's back then.
― Anonymous User  3/19/2016
It's a neat name.
desi.nicole.mcnichol  4/29/2016
I'll be honest, this name does not sound feminine in the slightest, and will sound weird and rather ugly on a female of all ages. It doesn't really sound nice on a male either, but I can at least picture it without it sounding absolutely horrible. Honestly though, I think that this one should be preserved as a surname. If you like this name, why not pick Kenneth, Kendrick, or Kent for a boy; and Kendra, Kenna, or Kenina for a girl?
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/10/2016
The name Kennedy was given to 163 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/21/2016
My baby cousin Kennedy is so cute and her name is fine for a girl so I don't understand what is wrong with the name Kennedy for a girl. The name can be for a girl and boy.
― Anonymous User  7/10/2016
Here is a link from Wiki:
"There have been several different etymologies given for the surname. One is that the name is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic Ó Ceannéidigh meaning "grandson of Ceannéidigh". Ceannéidigh is a given name derived from the Gaelic words ceann, meaning "head", and éidigh, meaning "ugly".
Kennedy (surname) - Wikipedia"
-- As I share this name in my surname, I'd like to add to the comments above that suggest that it means "ugly head" or "helmet-head" which is my understanding. Many may find this repugnant or a bizarre idea for a child's name, if not given some context. For the time — several centuries ago - it is unlikely that it ever referred to the beauty, or lack of beauty in the family or clan that bore that name, or for that matter, the shape of anyone's head. The "ugly head" or "helmet-head" in question was an honorific referring to a spirit-animal, and contemporary alpha predator of the time: the European wolf, now extinct. So this is like someone being named "Hagrid, the Horrible", or "Wolfgang" - power is bestowed to the bearer by the connotation. So the helmet in question would have been a wolf-skull, or adorned with such, and further the "horrible" or "ugly" head would have provided gravitas to the bearer, being the name-sake of the only rightly feared animal of the time, (as the European bear had gone extinct either during, or shortly after the end of the much earlier period at the end of the last glacial age in Ireland, Scotland and Northern England). -- Aside from all that on the Scottish-side, it is a Highland clan name of long standing, and some controversy - having been known to on the one hand, for having "fried a fryer" on a grill for the help said fryer was giving the poor in their quest for redress for having been kicked off their land so that the "Laird" (head of the clan) could partake of the newly profitable activity of sheep raising. -- On the other hand, another part of the family some years later were found to be supporting that game gal: Joan of Arc, in her fight with the perfidious English (it did not work out well).
arrkk  10/19/2016
I named my sweet daughter Kennedy Grace and we adore the name. It suits her perfectly! I have heard the name but not too often which is part of the reason we liked it so much. We gave her this name in 2006 and I had not heard it a lot then but I have heard it more in the last 7 years or so.
Tcollier05  11/20/2016
My last name is Kennedy and very proud of it. I don't mind that both girls and boys can be named Kennedy, I think the name is wonderful.
nkenn54  12/6/2016
Kennedy was born in Berlin, Germany, and spent the rest of her life traveling and living all over the world, both with her family and as an international fashion model. She experience the world and other cultures, which resulted in her pursuit of an anthropology degree. Before going to medical school, she considered making travel documentaries. She got to see the world and live in Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East, which were all amazing experiences! As a model, she does runway, TV commercials, catalogues, print ads, promotions, short films, independent movies, and a lot of fantastic magazines. She went to medical school with the intention of taking her love for aesthetics and creating works of art through plastic surgery. Three years into medical school, she would become a Playboy Playmate.
cutenose  3/11/2017
I like it, and I can see it for a girl. However, because JFK, I would associate it with a boy rather than a girl.
austinnb  6/26/2017
My name is Kennedy and I'm a female. Personally I love my name so to all the haters out there it can be used for a girl or a boy and who cares about the stupid meaning?
K2k17yall  7/29/2017
Ridiculous name for a girl.
Snowstorm  8/27/2017
My name is Kenedy, with one n. I personally love my name and think that the fact that it's unique is special. I think that even though the Greek root is ugly head, I like to make my own meaning of my name. I think that it sounds feminine and beautiful. I would not have it any other way.
― Anonymous User  9/15/2017
Although I agree that it’s annoying how people are naming their girls boy names, but for some reason this one isn’t that bad. Don’t think it’s that great a name, though, and it still seems a bit ridiculous for a girl; but again, it doesn’t annoy me as much as naming your daughter something like MadiSON!
Morgan1599  11/18/2017
I am not too crazy on this name, but I can at least picture this name on a male, but for a female? No way!
This name sounds much more masculine than feminine.
I'm sorry, but this is a terrible girls' name. Don't give your baby girl this name. Go with something more feminine.

As for Kennedy as a boys name, it sounds much better. It sounds very masculine, however I am not too crazy on this name anyways, so I wouldn't even name a kid this. I would go with "Kenneth" over "Kennedy".
GiJeff  1/13/2018
Ok, these haters are kinda going overboard. Of course, I hate the meaning “misshapen head” for the name Kennedy (amazingly, my name) and some of my friends laugh about that. I have read through all of these comments and liked or disliked each one, and each hater’s comment got more likes than the people who actually HAD the name Kennedy! I am fine with it being a boy's name, or a girl's name. (And apparently, a LOT of people can argue with me about that). I loved my name ever since I was a child, (and also wrote all of the letters to it totally backwards) and it only got popular a little bit of time after I was born, I have a Kennedy living right next door to me who is my same age. And apparently, she is okay with her name, but I think I like my name more than she likes hers...too bad.
KennedyandKinley  2/20/2018
Wow, I find it so surprising how many people dislike girls having boy names, I mean, those names are my favorite names! I like names like, Chris, KENNEDY (MY NAME, YEP, THAT'S RIGHT), Logan, etc.

I just find it so surprising how many people hate these names and think that there are certain names for certain genders. Of course, I wouldn’t give the name Kevin or Bob or Stewart to a girl, but still! There are a lot of people getting mocked right now by these haters about girls having boy names! I personally don’t get the big deal here, does anybody else get it? I doubt it. Especially girls with boy names.
KennedyandKinley  2/23/2018
It’s a great name, love it!
Thegoodcat  4/9/2018

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