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Apart from that biblical refference, KEREN in Hebrew has a dual meaning. both:
"Horn" (same as English, both the antler of a horned creature and the material objects are made of, as in "horn and ivory"), and:
"Ray", again with all corresponding English meanings: "keren-or"=light ray, "keren-shemesh"=sun ray/sunshine, "keren laser"= a laser ray/beam, etc...
("koren", by the way is "radiant", and a reason why many depictions of moses in medieval paintings have him antlered (with light sometimes shining in twin rays from his head) when in the text he 'merely' shone brightly.

Since the Hebrew name is quite common and none who name their daughters do so after a shortened biblical name-description referring to makeup. Thought it's important to mention.
shay dinur  5/21/2006
Hebrew transliteration: "qeren" from an archaic Aramaic root word that means horn, both on an object (eg. Corner of an altar, animal, god/goddess) and a horn (flask or container, carved container or vessel, ivory). Conceptually, a cornucopia.
Figuratively it symbolises power, or an object as a vessel of power; also rays or beams, particularly of light or power (i.e. energy).
kalupso  1/30/2007
It is listed on the site as a short version of "KEREN-HAPPUCH", translated as "horn of eyeshadow" (from Hebrew). "Keren" has more than one meaning in hebrew; horn, or "ray" as in ray of light, or a closed angle or a corner. Most of the "Kerens" that I know in Hebrew were named for the "ray".
sreifa01  2/4/2007
Keren Ann is an Israeli singer.
Caprice  9/9/2012
This name can be also spelled Karen (with an A) when spelled in English. The meaning will be the same as Keren (has nothing to do with the name Karen on this website).

My official name is Karen (ray of sunlight), spelled with an A for proper English pronunciation. I live in Canada, and nobody pronounces it right when spelled with an E. I know that many in Israel spell it with an E for some reason. It's still an incorrect pronunciation. You can also add another spelling in Hebrew, קארן.

It bothers me a bit, because I love your website so much. I'm a writer and I'm always inspired by it. It's a bit upsetting when I can't find my own name. :)
Karen265  3/7/2013
The name Keren is Hebrew and means "ray of light" and should not be confused with the name Karen which is of German origin and means "hard worker".

Keren is very close to the Sanskrit name "Kiran" which also means "sunbeam".

Karen with an "a" is also related to the German name "Karin".

Letters and therefore, names, have vibrations so changing even one letter can alter the vibration of the name.

Even though I was born in Israel where the name is common, I grew up in Canada where it is not. It certainly did not deter me to change the spelling though. It helped me understand the uniqueness and specialness of my name. I definitely do not feel like a "Karen" and am always happy to en-light-en those who confuse Keren with Karen...
Keren  3/15/2016
Karen is Danish in origin and means pure and also fire. An awesome name and meaning. I love Keren and Karen. I'm also referred to as both and it is double the pleasure.
PurestFire  6/14/2016
Is Keren pronounced differently? I don't think I can hear the difference when I say them.
― Anonymous User  5/27/2017

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