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Kermit was the second son of President Theodore Roosevelt. He was born in 1889 and died in 1943.
Clesthaven  9/17/2006
I think this is a cool name, but I wouldn't name my kid this, but it's still an awesome name!
amber monkey  11/21/2006
I love this name. It's so strong and interesting. If it weren't for that frog, Kermit would be near the top of my list. As it is, naming a child this would just be cruel.
GasolineAllie  11/28/2006
'Kermit Griffin' is the name of the character - a mercenary turned cop - that the great actor Scott Wentworth portrayed in the 1990's US TV-series "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues".
SweetSweetVindictive  4/7/2007
I guess you could say Kermit the Frog is a famous bearer.
Joan-Ay  9/11/2007
I don't really like this name, it reminds me of a hermit crab.
dreamgirl54  11/19/2007
I hope no one is considering this name because it sounds ''cute'' to them. The frog associations will hardly be shaken any time soon.
slight night shiver  4/26/2008
I work with a young man named Kermit. He's a really nice, polite, handsome man. I feel bad for him though because I'm sure he was teased about the "Kermit the Frog" thing mercilessly in school.
― Anonymous User  8/13/2008
I love Kermit the Frog, but his name is associated with him to the point that it is no longer usable.
bananarama  10/6/2008
Supposedly means, "without envy or jealousy."
LMS  11/23/2008
Kermit Schaefer was a collector (and disseminator) of "bloopers," his term for mistakes made in television and radio broadcasts.
Kosta  4/21/2009
I guess getting stuck with the moniker of Kermit could be quite embarrassing, so I understand the sympathy aspect. It could be worse though, you could have been named Gonzo. Now there was a guy with a really crooked nose.
Cameron Smith  6/23/2009
Who would ever name their child Kermit?
Katesnames15  4/20/2017
The Muppets ruined this name! What a shame!
angolmois  6/4/2017

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