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I love this for a girl and I prefer K's than C's.
Paris44  9/14/2008
Ugh. Colby is a great name, but Kolby is just ugly. Sorry.
TayLeigh127  1/9/2009
FlakyMatt  5/22/2011
How kyoot iz thiz nayme? Not very. If you're gonna name your son Colby-which isn't terrible by any means but isn't a very mature sounding name to begin with- at least spell it right! I hate this trend of replacing c's with k's, its really trashy.
― Anonymous User  8/8/2013
I wouldn't want any person named this to be my friend. The phrase "Like Kolby" sounds too similar to "Like Holy".
magicpickle69  10/4/2016
Fun Fact:
The name "Kolby" is an mixture of the name "Colby" and the cheese product known as "Kolby Cheese". It is meant for people who really love cheese and want to express it.
magicpickle69  10/4/2016
The name Kolby was given to 216 boys born in the US in 2016.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2017
Hate to be rude but my name starts with a K and I'm proud of it being that way- it's unique.
― Anonymous User  2/14/2018

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