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I like the "Kriem" part.
gio2475  7/11/2008
The Portuguese version of this name is Cremilda.
samarinezz  7/23/2008
Pronounced KREEM-hilt. [noted -ed]
mafiosa  8/7/2009
I've loved this name ever since seeing The Sword of Xanten/Ring of the Nibelungs, in which Kriemhild was played by Alicia Witt. Ironically, she wasn't a very likeable character, as her selfishness tore soulmates Siegfried and Brunnhild apart. However, Alicia played the role with incomparable beauty and class; and I liked the way Julian Sands pronounced her name "Krimmild" with a silent "h" lol.
JJSkeete  7/11/2012

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