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This is pretty.
Brianna Angela  9/8/2007
As a Polish name it sounds very beautiful, but for American users, it definitely smells of ghetto, or a very unintelligent southern pageant girl, and of all the made-up names of the world.
― Anonymous User  12/3/2010
Why use such unpleasant (and false) language as "smells of ghetto?" It is a pretty name, no matter what the nationality of its bearer.
― Anonymous User  2/17/2015
I love the name Krysia. Pronounced kris-e-uh and not Krisha. With the way I would pronounce it in mind - Krissy would be a beautiful nickname! Krysia sounds like a very strong, rebellious, bad ass girls name. A girl with a lot of sass, who isn’t afraid to step on a few toes! I love the name & given to the right little girl it could be very suiting!
CrayStay  4/4/2018

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