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When I look at this name, I don't even think of the name Crystal first. :/ I don't really like this name anyway.
-Julia-  12/6/2009
What the HECK is this crap? Seriously, like the above person said, it doesn't even look like Crystal/Krystal. It looks like something someone just made up--or they couldn't spell. Extremely tacky.
― Anonymous User  2/16/2010
Crystal is already tacky. But Krystelle? Way too kre8tev for me.
Athena Nike  3/28/2010
It looks more like kris-TEL than kris-TAL.
ListenToAsuka  5/5/2010
Crystal is nice when spelled correctly, but Krystelle? This spelling sounds like it belongs in the trailer park or the ghetto.
bananarama  2/3/2011
Ooh ooh, another weird fake-French Kree8tiv name!
― Anonymous User  6/5/2017
Sorry, but the only spelling worse than this would be Khrizzaedyelle. Just use Crystal, you'll survive. And so will your daughter.
cdawg  12/4/2017

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