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Pronounced koo-nee-GUWN-du. Extremely rare name in Germany because it is considered too old fashioned. [noted -ed]
JHK  12/17/2006
Can also be spelled Cunigunde.
nessime  11/11/2007
The first element is actually Gothic 'kuni' ('chunni' in Old High German) "family, descent, stock, tribe." It is common that people confuse it with 'cônja' ('kuoni' in Old High German) "brave" - but the correct element here really is 'kuni', not 'kuoni.' [noted -ed]
Lucille  11/1/2008
This was the name of the first wife of George of Podebrady, a king of Bohemia. In book "The Hussite King" it was spelled Cunegonde.
Eva Marie  12/2/2008
Kunigunde Mackamotzki was the original name of Cora Turner, stage name Belle Elmore, who was the second wife and presumed victim of Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen, who was convicted of her murder and executed. (Recent DNA tests on her supposed remains cast doubt on their identity (and even their gender!), but this is disputed.)
Kosta  6/2/2009
Kunigunde (1465-1520) is the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III and his wife Eleanor of Portugal. She was married to the Duke of Bavaria.
CarolinW  7/17/2012
Maria Kunigunde (1740-1826) was the daughter of Augustus III of Poland and his wife Maria Josepha.
CarolinW  7/20/2012

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