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This is not a good name for an obvious reason.
― Anonymous User  7/26/2006
I was just reading the newspaper and there is a girl (about 13 or 14) named Kunthea. The Thea part is nice but all I see is the first 4 letters (replace the k with a c). I feel sorry for anyone with this name. At least she could go by Thea I suppose.
mum2bubba  7/23/2007
Also Kun Thea. It can also be translated as as a "good deed" or "kind favor."
CamilleTheGreat  12/28/2007
A good solution to the problem of the first four letters is to spell it as Kanthea. It's still similar, it sounds no less beautiful (in fact, I think it sounds more beautiful) and it doesn't look like it contains bad words.
Pippin  4/10/2008
Maybe like someone else suggested, change to spelling around.
blueeyesparkle  12/26/2012
It's probably not even pronounced as an American would see it. I'd personally guess it's pronounced "KOON-thee-AH".
― Anonymous User  3/21/2017

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