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Kuro is also the word for black (as in color, not race.)
― Anonymous User  1/26/2005
I wouldn't name my son Kuro because nobody has 9 sons nowadays and also, Kuro has a different meaning that is "hardship" or "suffering".
pocho-mole  6/20/2006
I think Kuro is a nice and simple name. It could probably have come from the surname Kurosaki, though. (From the anime Bleach)
― Anonymous User  3/23/2007
Kuro Kagami is the cat girl in the lolicon anime/manga series "Kodomo no Jikan".
Dianaisme12  10/25/2009
Kuro is the real name of the main character in the anime series Black Jack. Kuro also means black in Japanese.
rainylullaby  3/15/2012
From Japanese 黒 (color 'black')
Rouge_Moon  11/26/2013
黒 (KURO) is also the name of the black cat in 'Ao no Exorcist' or 'Blue Exorcist' (manga/anime),
Rouge_Moon  11/26/2013
Kuro Yatogami is a sword wielding samurai-like character in the anime K. He tries several times to kill the main character but I can't help but love the name and the character associated with it.
Raya_Moon  3/28/2016
Kuro also means "Black" in Japanese. The more you know!
Anzu the Cat  1/9/2017
In Japan, Kuro is not used for meaning the colour black. Kuro nearly almost all the time is given for the ninth son. It can also be made up of other Kanji combinations, but never just black (黒).

In anime, yes the fictional characters have the name Kuro meaning black (黒), but that doesn't mean real life Japan uses it.

lilolaf  2/15/2017

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