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Pretty, sounds very spunky.
kayisforkeen  11/13/2019
This name gives me the impression of a rude, snobby high school girl.
someone-  11/2/2019
This name is beautiful and unique. I like how it's not too common, and I love the sound of it too. Although some people may pronounce it 'Kai-ra', I think 'Kee-ra' sounds much better: the 'e' sound is sharper and sounds more dignified than the 'ai' sound. A lot of the comments are saying that this name is childish and tacky, but I don't think that this name will ever grow old. I myself know an old lady with the name 'Kee-ra', and she suits it perfectly.
― Anonymous User  8/9/2019
I know 2 Kyra's, and one pronounces it "Ky-rah" while the other pronounces it "Kier-rah".
lily_m1102  2/1/2019
It's nice when it's pronounced kee-rah.
kayisforkeen  10/11/2018
My name is Kyra and I pronounce it Kee-rah.
Doggo237  10/3/2018
I think kear-Uh is the best pronunciation.
Luvbug86  2/23/2018
My name is Kyra and I think it's actually a quite beautiful name. I like the way it's spelled and can be pronounced in many different ways. I've had many people pronounce it K-eye-ra and Ki-ara instead of Keera. People who keep saying that you should just spell the name Kira if you want it pronounced as Keera, but it would be no fun that way. It's a unique name and it doesn't bother me at all when people say it 'wrong'. Hell, some of my teachers who've had me in their class for five months still call me K-eye-ra. It shouldn't bother anyone much. But that's just my opinion.
― Anonymous User  1/9/2017
Actually a pretty good name. It's just unfortunate that the only Kyra I ever came across I happen to not care for. That association aside, Kyra is a very beautiful and stunning name to use.
― Anonymous User  6/16/2016
My dream name. It sounds elegant and could fit any age.
KittenMeow  4/10/2016
This name is growing on me. I think it makes a neat middle name. It's a cute, attractive first name. I like Kyra and Kaira.
silly_rabbit  1/24/2016
I honestly don't like this name that much. I think it sounds too childish and I can't imagine seeing this name on someone past the age of 10. Sorry if it's your name, I just don't like it :/
― Anonymous User  1/23/2016
It's sometimes pronounced k-eye-rah.
― Anonymous User  10/8/2015
My name is Kyra and I pronounce it as K-eye-ra. I don't think that there is a correct way to pronounce it, as both pronunciations have different meanings, origins, or significance to the name bearer/parents. Also, those who do not have this name shouldn't say what is the correct way to pronounce it, as it is ours to decide. I think the name is nice pronounced both ways, though of course I am partial to the K-eye-ra way. If your name is Kyra, or if you're deciding to name your child Kyra, just know the hazards that come with it, as it will most likely be pronounced incorrectly, like, a lot. Just be sure to make it clear that your name is pronounced the way it is, and don't let anyone pronounce it differently. This name has to come with a lot of patience and understanding because inevitably someone will say it wrong, but it's still a lovely name and I'm proud to have it.
jekyllhyde  8/11/2015
My name is Kyra and I love it. Although sometimes teachers will call me Kira and it really annoys me.
― Anonymous User  5/28/2015
I have a friend named this. Everyone (and I mean everyone) automatically pronounces it kie-ra, though she pronounces it keer-ra. I imagine that must get tiring. If you want it pronounced keer-ra, you should spell it differently. Personally, I like it kie-ra.
Kathy D.  12/16/2014
We are about to have our first child and we'll be naming her Kyra (KEE-rah). Because I was concerned about mispronunciation, we were going to spell it Keira. I even ordered some personalization items with that spelling. However, after some more research I learned that Kira, Kyra, and Keira all have different meanings to the name. So, if the meaning of your child's name matters to you, be sure to keep this in mind. The names Kira/Kyra have to do with light or the sun. The name Keira or Kiera mean just the opposite - dark or "little dark haired one."
― Anonymous User  7/24/2014
I pronounce it like Kee-ra. Kie-ra is a silly pronunciation.
― Anonymous User  5/24/2013
Kira isn't bad, but this is just stupid. Why do people need to replace I's with y's all the time?! No one will know how to pronounce this name anyways; when I see it I want to say Kai-ra. However, the only person I know with this name pronounces it just like Kira. Which seems incorrect to me. Then it just sounds like a cutesy, little girl-like butchering of Kira rather than a separate name. I don't really think I can see an old woman with this name either... Maybe Kira, but not Kyra.
― Anonymous User  4/7/2013
People don't realize that Kyra is a Greek name. It is pronounced with a lond "e" sound, just like Kyra Sedgwick. It is not wrong to say and spell it like that. People who say it is wrong are probably the same ones who say "giro" instead of the correct "yeero" when they order a gyro.
― Anonymous User  2/20/2013
American child actress Kyra Krumins.
― Anonymous User  8/11/2012
There is debate over the English pronunciation of this name. The letter "y" can have different pronunciations in English, depending on its position within the word and the language the word came from. I believe the people who pronounce Kyra KIE-ra were influenced by names like Myra and Tyra which I have never heard pronounced with an "ee" sound. However, the KEE-ra pronunciation of Kyra is also valid, for example I have always heard the male name Kyran being pronounced KEER-an, never KIE-ran.
― Anonymous User  7/8/2012
I think Kyra is cute when you're young, but as you get older it gets a little tacky.
― Anonymous User  9/19/2010
To counter everyone else, the only Kyra I've ever met pronounced it Keera. Personally, I think anybody who can't see that Keera is also a valid pronunciation is just trying to fool themselves. 'Y' has so many pronunciations in English - how do you all pronounce Amy? Or Ysolde?

I'm not really crazy about the Keyera pronunciation, but I love the Keera pronunciation. I like the sharper ee sound. And like that other person said, I can't help it, but I prefer Kyra to Kira. It's just some aesthetics thing I guess, have the downstroke of the 'y' balance out the up of the 'K'.

On the other hand, I'd never use this name, 'cause the Kyra who I mentioned that I knew was mean and self-righteous. Since I disliked her so much, I just can't look at the name without shuddering.
Diest  7/22/2010
This name is awesome. I love it. It sounds really cool and pretty. And it's uncommon where I live (I've never met any Kyras). However, I only like it pronounced the way it is spelt: KIE-ra. I don't mean to offend anyone who pronounces it KEE-ra, but I don't understand how you could get KEE-ra from that spelling.
― Anonymous User  7/11/2009
I prefer the name pronounced Kee-ra. I don't see why it shouldn't be pronounced like that anyway - it can be pronounced either Kee-ra or Kie-ra, as the name's page says.
― Anonymous User  11/20/2008
A famous bearer is actress Kyra Sedgewick.
― Anonymous User  11/4/2008
I have always heard it pronounced the same way as Kira: KYIR-uh, or KYEER-uh.
erb816  6/20/2008
I see that a lot of people who's name is Kyra, have people mispronounce it as Kie-ra, like Kyra Sedgwick. I have the opposite problem and it annoys me to no end. My name is supposed to be pronounced Kie-ra and everyone calls me K-eye-ra. I think both pronunciations are beautiful, though many people seem to like to point out that my name should be spelled Kira. I don't mean to offend anyone who's name is spelt like that, but I REALLY don't like that spelling.
― Anonymous User  7/28/2007
I have to agree with most of these comments. My name is also Kyra, (form that rhymes with Tyra and Myra) and it is rather irking that people always pronounce it Keera. Seriously, if that's what my parents had wanted to name me they would have. I love how my name is pronounced. Everyone says it's unique like I am. It should be pronounced with a long I sound. Not like I'm saying ear.
SchreiRetteMich  3/2/2007
I think this name should be pronounced KYE-RUH. If you want it pronounced KIR-UH, you should probably spell it Kira to avoid confusion. You could also spell it Keira or Kiera but those names could be pronounced KIR-uh or KEE-AIR-UH, so that could cause confusion too.
― Anonymous User  1/21/2007
Deanne Bray & Troy Kotsur have a daughter, Kyra Monique Kotsur, born 8 September 2005.
Maggie_Simpson  12/19/2006
My best friend's name is Kyra. I think it is a lovely and classy name.
rainxxxgurl  9/24/2006
Kyra is pronounced K eye ra, rhyming with Tyra or Myra, not Keera. If you want your name or your daughter’s name to be pronounced Keera, you spell it Keira (as in Keira Knightly), Kiera, or Kierra. I always thought Kyra and Kierra would be great names for twin girls, but I guess it would cause confusion as to pronunciation. People would think they had the same name.
TiffanyS  8/16/2006
I named my daughter Kaira. I wasn't sure how to spell it so I used Biblical influences. I thought of Cairo Egypt, changed the C to K. I think it is a very beautiful name which fits my little princess, of Egypt.
― Anonymous User  11/1/2005
Kyra Hart is the younger daughter character on the show "Reba". It's pronounced KEER-ah.
― Anonymous User  7/2/2005
Pronunciation Keer-ah as in Kyra Sedgwick.
kelm00  6/18/2005
I named my daughter Kyra. It's a beautiful name from old literature & looks pretty spelled this way, however, everyone pronounces it as K-eye-r-a, like a person with a speach impetiment trying to say Kyla. It sounds really stupid called out at the doctor's office. If I would have thought of that, I may have spelled it differently. I'm afraid she's going to hate having to constantly correct the mispronunciation of her name.
123456789  1/24/2005
I pronounce this name KIE-ra, which is also how this site spells the pronunciation KYE-ra (to rhyme with Myra or Tyra).
Randee15  5/2/2005
I also have the problem with people pronouncing my name "Kie-ra", as my name is pronounced "K-eye-ra". I don't think it sounds 'stupid' either. I've gotten TONS of compliments. Besides, if you want your name to be pronounced "Kie-ra," you should spell it "Kira." Kyra is like Myra or Tyra, which makes a whole lot more sense. And yeah, it's annoying to have people mispronounce it, but it's a lot more interesting and unique to be named Kyra instead of Jennifer or something (no offense to all the Jennifers out there).
― Anonymous User  4/24/2005
I would just like to add that my mother also had the same problem after naming me Kyra, although it was with people saying it "Kie-ra", as my name is pronounced "K-eye-ra". Honestly, I don't think it sounds 'stupid'; I'm quite proud of it. And although I've had people pronouncing it many different ways, that's half the fun! Your daughter, madame, will survive with mispronunciations, I'm sure.
KyraYanina  4/1/2005
This name is pronounced as Kie-ra. My name is Kyra as in K-eye-ra.
KyraTeale  1/14/2005

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