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I love Lala. I think it's beautiful.
― Anonymous User  11/21/2005
My name is Charlotte and my mum calls me Lala sometimes. (And no, I don't have any idea how you get "Lala" from "Charlotte.")
― Anonymous User  3/28/2007
The Bulgarian word for "tulip" is "lale" (the stress is on the "e"). In Bulgaria besides "Lala" (the stress is on the first "a"), another feminine name with the same root "lal" is the name "Lalka" (the stress is on the first "a").
iva_toneva  5/13/2006
"Lala" and "Lalka" have a nameday on Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter) - the day of flowers and willows (the names of the other trees also have a nameday).
iva_toneva  5/26/2006
The word "lale", which means "tulip", has a Persian origin. Till now "Lale" is one of the most popular feminine names in Iran. The first information about the "lale" is connected to Persia. The flower is praised by many Persian poets. For Persians it became a symbol of a declaration of love and perfect love. The most beautiful street in Tehran, which is the centre of theatrical art, is called "Lalezar", meaning "tulip garden".
iva_toneva  5/30/2006
Lala is the name of my cousin's poodle. I don't think it's a suitable name for a person though.
BtNfan  6/22/2006
Lala is the name of the yellow teletubby.
― Anonymous User  7/27/2006
This name makes me think of a blond crazy-looking pale girl walking in circles.
Raphaelus  8/8/2006
Lala is a DJ on the radio station 98pxy. (Lala and Alicia)
libbygirl  11/2/2006
Wait, Lala, like la la la la la. That's a name?
― Anonymous User  1/18/2007
Lala is a cute name, but I would never name my kid that. It is very different for one thing!
flipflops5  3/3/2007
My best friend's name is Lauren and I call her "Lala." A lot of people know her that way by now. I think it's a lovely name, but I'm probably a little biased.
TheCheshireKat  5/17/2007
It is wierd.
Moo63  6/18/2007
It really just reminds of me Tellytubbies. I can't picture anything else besides a funny looking yellow person with a grey TV screen on its stomach.
Fine as a nickname for someone, like a Leila or Alannah, but not as an actual name.
― Anonymous User  9/14/2007
I highly doubt that anyone named Lala would be considered highly intelligent.
reverie  10/26/2007
This name is actually pronounced like Layla.
secretname  12/16/2007
Don't name your kid this. Seriously. "Oh, look, Lala's not paying attention, she's in Lala Land." Or, "Lala, are you a singer?" Come on, people.
flamestar  12/29/2007
What an awful name, the only people who have this name must have clueless parents.
Mrnda13  1/2/2008
If you happen to be Bulgarian and living in Bulgarian, that's fine. But if you live in an English-speaking country like I do - this name is a definite NO.
Pippin  5/4/2008
I was bored and just typed "Lala" into the search box. (I do that a lot in the address box, just type in lalalala.) I really didn't expect anything to come up!
TayLeigh127  8/15/2008
In Iranian and Turkish, this name sounds lovely. But in English, Lala sounds just wrong, not to mention it's associated with a Teletubby.
bananarama  6/28/2009
I'm one of those people who likes to give ridiculous nicknames to their friends. I went to school with a girl named Amber but my friend Tarah and I decided to nickname her Lala (for no real reason other than she liked flowers and was very nature-y). I love the sound of this name when it's pronounced with the stress on the first syllable. It sounds almost wild but not fierce. Very free and unrestrained.
Lily_le_Fae  12/19/2009
I really like this name, it's quite dreamy and gorgeous. I would not name my daughter Lala, it's a little TOO weird and sing-song-y.
DaphneSusan  1/11/2011
My name is Lala. It was hard in Elementary School where kids are immature and judge you by your name. But as we grow up we look past names and faces (at least most of us). I'm 25 now, and good looking may I add. I like my name, it's unique and people always ask about it. Why not!?
Lala007  2/16/2011
Like Lala007 said in school kids are a bit immature and judge you by your name, but those 7 years of your life will be difficult and why let a child suffer for seven years when you can just give them a better name like Adalaide, Gracelyn, Annalise, Bridget or Larisa? And no offense to all the Lalas out there but Lala sounds a bit stupid with any middle name I mean come on, Lala Anne? Lala Marie? Lala Katarina? Lala Rose? See? It just doesn't work out. It might get better when the girl is older but for those years of her life, just don't torture her, give her a more normal name like Diana or something.
Sania01  7/25/2016
Lalah Hathaway is an R&B and jazz singer, the daughter of the late soul singer Donny Hathaway.
bibi66  2/17/2013
Lala is a nickname and it's cute. It reminds me of the nickname Lulu but Lulu sounds a bit too juvenile. Lala sounds is more sultry and mysterious. I've only known one person named Lala, but her name was Alessandra, just called Lala.
― Anonymous User  1/29/2014
The name Lala is extremely darn cute. It's a lovely and happy feminine name, just like the name Lulu. :) Overall, I believe Lala is a beautiful sounding name with a beautiful meaning. ^_^
― Anonymous User  12/21/2014
"Lala" is a character in the British BBC children's TV series "Teletubbies". She is the yellow Teletubby who plays with a giant orange ball.
― Anonymous User  12/21/2014
My late aunt's nickname was Lala. Her real name was Evelyn. She was a woman of style, sophistication, intelligence and grace. As I grew older, I had a very special black cat that was her namesake and has recently passed away. I love the name Lala and the classy woman from the Hollywood Era it reminds me of!
Mara  3/10/2015
Not a good name to use by itself. Lala is bad enough but used as just a seldom nickname makes it a bit better.
― Anonymous User  9/28/2016
Lala is Chinese slang for lesbian.
Lucipur  7/20/2017
I'm Taiwanese, and my English teacher is British, when I told him my English name was Lala, he was surprised and smiled strangely. I was confused about it for 3 months, now I see these comments, I guess he also thinks this name is ridiculous.
lala_rong  2/6/2018
Well, my nickname is Lala. And in my country, it means "Playful". Sure I sometimes got mocked for it, but I love my nickname (plus it's easier to spell than my real name). It's a pretty common nickname in Indonesia though.
I love to put it in an initial such as 36 (La=6 in music and times it with 2).
Another_Hetalian  5/17/2018

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