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Probably "Lalla" is merely another way of writing "Lala".
iva_toneva  5/30/2006
"Lalla" was the Royal family's nickname for Mrs. Charlotte Bill, nanny/nurse to Prince John Charles Francis (1905–1919) the youngest son of George V of England and Mary of Teck who suffered from epileptic seizures and Asperger syndrome.
She was a spirited no-nonsense woman who was not afraid to speak her mind even to the Queen. She had risen to prominence in the royal household by tattling on the then head nurse who had been subjecting the Royal children to physical abuse. Lalla worked hard to educate Johnnie when everybody else despaired of him making any progress and she was totally shattered by his death at the young age of 14.
LadyBug18  5/14/2007
If someone actually had this name, people would laugh at it first and then assume that the poor woman isn't very bright. And then they'd laugh more.
slight night shiver  4/27/2008
Lalla Miranda was a famous Australian opera singer during the early twentieth century. It appears to have been her real name. Miranda was her real surname. She was of Jewish Sephardic parentage.
Jonquil  8/20/2008
I have seen this name described as a Spanish diminutive of Eulalia. Saint Eulalia is the patron saint of Barcelona.
Jonquil  8/21/2008
Lalla Ward, an English actress who starred in Doctor Who with Tom Baker from 1979 to 1981. Her real name was Sarah.
ema_kala  10/23/2009
This is also the title of Morocco's princesses. I don't know what it means, though.
Buneary  1/7/2013
Lalla is used for a girl in the children's book "White Boots" by Noel Streatfeild.
araslanka  9/16/2014
Lalla was last given to 5 baby girls born in the USA (2010).
lilolaf  6/24/2017
Like someone else mentioned, it's also an honorific title for Moroccan women of royalty. It's Berber (Amazigh; ⵍⴰⵍⵍⴰ) in origin and means "lady".
― Anonymous User  7/9/2017

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