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LaToya is one of Michael Jackson's sisters.
-- breakofday  12/17/2005
La Toya London came in fourth in the third season of American Idol. Fabulous singer.
-- Anonymous User  3/2/2006
I loathe this name. It just isn't appealing to me.
-- dreadfulxsorry  1/24/2007
Gaaaah, I HATE this name with a burning passion! It's hideously ugly and trashy! It's as if someone had wanted to call their daughter a toy and added a creepy ''ah'' to it.
-- slight night shiver  4/27/2008
No offense, but it is really ugly.
-- number1212  5/14/2008
Straight from the ghetto. Yuck!
-- Anonymous User  1/12/2009
I think LaToya is a really pretty and unique name. I can't believe people hate it so much.
-- starz26  3/28/2010
I don't think LaToya is that ghetto. It is such a common name now that there are plenty of non-ghetto people with it.
-- bibi66  4/11/2010
Latoya comes from one of the nicknames for Victoria which is Toya. I like the name. My first name is Victoria. Latoya is not trashy or ghetto it comes from a name that is regal.
-- earthangel  3/6/2011
My true dislike stems from the fact that it is a "kre8tiv" made up name. Which in turn means that it is fairly unintelligent in sound, unprofessional, uneducated, attempted ornate, pompous, and childish... among my personal opinion of "Ugly."
It is a failed venture of trying to appear "French." The addition of "La" to any given name immediately creates a trashy, tacky, and cheap appearance.
It certainly is not a name that will aid your child in the business world. A doctor by the name of LaToya Richards will not be hired as my heart surgeon. Nor would a LaToya Sparks be a favored lawyer in a case. Think of the whole picture, I beg.

"Will this name prove to be an added barrier, possibly wrongly denying my child a position in a company?" "How will the world see it?" "Will my child be the object of gradeschool mocking?" and, "Will I be thanked later in life for the name I chose?"
-- Francesca  5/19/2011
I don't like prefixed names that much. I think if someone wants to name their kid this, they should write it as Latoya instead of LaToya.
-- ListenToAsuka  1/7/2012

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