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Hmm, it's different, I suppose. I've had a few people misspell my name (Lauren) like this.
Surreal  12/23/2006
This is my name. Nobody EVER gets it right. It either gets mistaken for Lauren or Maureen all the time, and I'm forever correcting people.
anonnymouse  4/18/2007
The ending makes it sound like one of these old-fashioned, ditzy country girl names.
slight night shiver  4/27/2008
I think the name Lauren because it is tough and pretty. However it is overused. I like the spelling Lauryn better. I know so many Laurens that when I think of this name I can think of a sweet little girl or a bullying, spoiled brat.
blondieboo629  7/12/2011
I think it's pretty. It looks like you combined Maureen and Laura though. Even then, I prefer it to Lauren, which you heard so often.
XironDarkstar  11/22/2017

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