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It means 'laurel' as in a laurel branch.
cherryblossom  12/10/2004
Means "victoriously crowned with laurels".
Laur204Sim  5/11/2005
'Lauren' is a derivative of the word laurel (leaf). It indicates victory.
apoten  3/26/2007
Lauren is of Latin and French origin meaning 'Man from Laurentum'. This is a strange meaning for a woman's name.
sarahlauren  9/21/2007
In Greek and Roman times the laurel (which is what Lauren means) indicated "honor" or "victory". Laurel's were made into a crown (or given as a wreath) and worn by the honored individual or group. These crowns were used to honor scholars and also for Olympians; the best of the best. "Rest on your laurels" was or is to rest on your achievements/victories.

The laurel (or sweet-bay as it is also known) is often a symbol of prosperity and fame. In Christian faiths it can symbolize the Resurrection of Christ thereby showing the triumph of humanity. In Chinese folklore a man named Wu Gang wanted to get to heaven but neglected his work and as a punishment the Gods told him he could join them when he cut down the laurel tree but since the laurel tree constantly regenerated itself it was an impossible task. As an addition the last part of the name "Ren" is a Japanese name meaning lotus or water lily which, though not a common disconnect of the name still does have very rich meaning. The lotus or water lily is a symbol of purity; the water lily must after rooting in the mud rise above much to ultimately blossom as the top.
― Anonymous User  4/3/2009
The name Lauren was a rare pet form of Laura before being popularized by Lauren Bacall.
ALOF10  2/3/2010
Means laurel. Often associated with victory and honor, because great feats and achievements made by people were often rewarded with a crown of laurel.
― Anonymous User  10/24/2016

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