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It means 'laurel' as in a laurel branch.
cherryblossom  12/10/2004
Means "victoriously crowned with laurels".
Laur204Sim  5/11/2005
My name is Lauren and I'm on the fence about my name. It's very common so I don't feel like I stand out for having it. But at the same time it's a very elegant name. You can grow up with Lauren. I'm not so sure about these girls who are going to be 45 and named Ashley or Tiffany (no offense meant to all Ashley/Tiffanys out there, one Lauren's opinion). The worst thing is that oftentimes people think my name is Laurence when just glancing over a roll call list. Not fun.
― Anonymous User  8/15/2005
Lauren Graham, television actress from "Gilmore Girls".
Lauren Ambrose, television actress from "Six Feet Under".
Lauren Hutton, movie actress.
Lauren Holly, movie actress and television actress from "Picket Fences".
Lauren Tewes, television actress from "The Love Boat".
decotah  9/9/2005
Seeing as this is my name, I thought I'd give my opinion for prospective parents of little Laurens. I very much like my name. It's easy to pronounce, not too common (at least for my age which is 22), and, I believe, a "new classic". Sometimes I get mistaken for a Laura, but not too often. I prefer the pronunciation Law-ren to Loren, but that's just me. My middle name is Marie (this one is common for women of my age), but in my case is meaningful in that it was my grandmother's name. Most middle names flow well with Lauren, in my opinion!
laurenmarie  10/4/2005
Apologies to the other Lauren but pronouncing it "Law-ren" is a train wreck aurally - "Loren" sounds better just as Lauren looks less "harsh" than Laura. Personally, I hope she goes back to Loren one day.
laurenmichelle  10/20/2005
In response to the individual who wrote in saying that the correct pronunciation of "Lauren" is "Loren", I beg to differ. "Lauren" and "Loren" are two separate names, with "Loren" being mostly a male name. Most people pronounce "Lauren" with the "au" sound making the soft "ah" sound, as in "Brahms". If it were meant to be pronounced "Loren" it would be spelled that way. Personally, it offends me when people mispronounce my name, and offends me even more when people tell me that I am pronouncing my own name incorrectly. And just for a heads up, "Alexandria" is a good middle name for "Lauren" if you are thinking about using is as a baby name! =)
February21Girl  11/7/2005
I am a Lauren, and I am Australian. I am friends with an American student who calls me Law-ren. I can't stand it. In Australia, Lauren is always pronounced loren. loh-ren. But Laura is pronounced Law-rah. I get called that a lot still.
ljfraser  11/13/2005
My name is Lauren and I love it because it is a very classy name. I have come in contact with lots of Laurens and all of them have been very beautiful people just like myself! When I was younger I hated my name because I wanted a simple name like Nicole or Tiffany, something common. Silly me! Then I got older and began to appreciate my name. It stands for success and beauty.
misslauren82  12/11/2005
Yes, I am another Lauren. God there are so many of them. There are 5 in my year at school. I do like my name, but it is far too common, especially here! But here in Australia it is always pronounced Loren not Lawren. I guess it's also a bit to do with our accents and because we are bit more informal, because Loren sounds a bit more laid back. Sometimes I wish I had a more unique or unusual name, but I guess Lauren is ok, as I do like how it looks when it's written and I like the spelling with the AU.
magiclozzachick  12/21/2005
My name is also Lauren and I prefer for it to be pronounced Lar-in. Sorry but I can't stand to be called lor-en. Also, people often mishear my name as Ryan. Does anybody else get this?
LaurenLachelle  1/9/2006
My name is Lauren and I quite like it, as it is heard of but not very popular where I live. However, I always get called Laura (as that is a far more common name) and sometimes Laurence. Also it gets spelled Loren or Laureen frequently and together with a surname prone to misspellings this is NOT FUN! I pronounce my name Loh-ren rather than Lor-en but I've given up correcting people - I don't really care anymore. Also I get annoyed with people who shorten it to Laurie, as it sounds to me like a Lorry (as in the truck) EGH!

I have a name pen that says - Lauren: Shows dogged determination in all she does, a very private person - which I think is quite true of me and the only other two Laurens at my school, as one of them is head girl and the other has had the lead role in just about every production over the past few years. (Yet I really don't know much about them.)
― Anonymous User  1/9/2006
I like Lauren as a name - it's pretty, graceful and is ok for a kid or an adult. I am also Australian and here it's always pronounced loren not "law-rin", "loh-rin" or "lar-in" (no wonder she gets called Ryan) - personally I hate creative pronunciation as much as creative spelling.
imamollydolly  1/14/2006
Lauren is my daughter's name so I obviously like it. I prefer it to be pronounced the way the pronunciation key lists it on this site: Lor-en. The French "au" is not pronounced like "aw" and considering Lauren is a French name, I don't understand how people get the Law-rin pronunciation. I know many people named Lauren and have never heard it pronounced any way other than Lor-en, which I think is the prettiest way to pronounce it. Lor-en is not a mispronunciation.
― Anonymous User  1/17/2006
I would like to point out that the name was popularized by Lauren Bacall, who pronounced it Loren, as it is supposed to be. You don't call a Laurence Law-rence (though granted, that is a valid spelling), you say Lor-ence. And Laura (lor-a) is not the same as Lara (law-ra); they're two seperate. names. I am a Lauren, I have cousin who is a Laura, and have known several Laurens and Lauras, and they were all pronounced the traditional way. I cringe when I hear it pronounced any other way. This is the correct way; don't make up spellings or pronunciations for well-known, traditional names. It's stupid, and you look stupid when you do it.
ladyoflaurelandash  2/2/2006
I, too, am named after Lauren Bacall, but who cares how she spells or says it. We are our own people, just with the same name.
― Anonymous User  2/3/2006
My name also is Lauren. In Australia, where I live, we pronounce it lorin, None of that American way over here. I have a friend who calls me Lawran, it drives me insane! LAUREN ROX!
Lauren1212  2/3/2006
I like my name. I think it's elegant and such, however one thing that has always bothered me is that there aren't any nicknames for it except for Laur, Laur and Laur, and they're kind of the same, lol. I always wish that when a teacher asks, "does anyone go by any nicknames?" that I could say - something! But other than that, Lauren is a really sick name.
rocksmysox41  2/3/2006
It's worth noting that Lauren was a less common variant of the male Loren prior to Lauren Bacall. I'm a female Lauren from the 1980s named after my grandfather, a male Lauren from the early 1930s.
fallencaryatid  2/8/2006
I suppose it depends how you pronounce the au- you can pronounce it 'oh' as in sausage or 'or' as in naughty. Both are perfectly valid. my name is Lauren and I pronounce it the first way. Most Americans pronounce it the second way because of their accents, and most Australians and New Zealanders (where I live) pronounce it the first way.
― Anonymous User  2/17/2006
My name is Lauren, and I really love my name. It's very pretty, classy, and elegant. Just like me. Personally, both pronunciations are fine with me. It really depends on who is saying it. If it is an older person or British, Law-ren sounds quite fabulous, but if it's a modern day teenager Lor-en suits me just fine. I've never been called Laura or Lawrence, but I was once mistaken for a Ryan over the telephone, but that's only because I had a cold. Lauren does really allow one to transition from childhood, to adolescence, then on to adulthood without adding any extra drama. I personally would detest being known as a Tiffany, or Muffy when I got older. The name is Lauren is a great name, but don't too many people start using it. We Laurens would like to keep our known status, but not get over used or stretched too thin, if you catch my drift.
laurenalyssa003  2/18/2006
I love this name. It's my name, why shouldn't I love it! lol. Well it IS very common, I will admit. Five other girls in my grade have this name. But I think it has such a beautiful sound to it.
ljs73  4/2/2006
I really like the name Lauren. I have always pronounced it loh-ren, which I think sounds more natural than law-ren, but then I am Australian. It is quite common here, but the sound of it is soft and graceful.
― Anonymous User  4/20/2006
Lauren is a nice name, also makes a great middle name. The name seems a bit hard and cold though, Laura and Laurel are more my style and they aren't as overpopulated either. I still like Lauren though, nothing wrong with this name at all.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2006
This name's okay. However, I have never heard it pronounced any way other than "lor-en". I am fairly sure that this is the correct--or orginal, at any rate--pronunciation.
websurfer  5/8/2006
My name is also Lauren, and I like my name, but I like it better spelled Lauryn, insted of Lauren.
svit-kona  5/15/2006
I absolutely LOVE this name. It is pretty, yet tough and rugged, and can be used for both children and adults.
DeGraffenLee  5/30/2006
My name is Lauren Michelle and I find that it is a popular middle name for Lauren's. I also find that people often misspell Lauren, such as Loriin, Lorne, Lauryn. I'm not saying they are wrong spellings but I am just saying that Lauren has so many different spellings.
missxlauren  6/11/2006
I am named Lauren, and I like it. It was the only name my parents could agree on. Otherwise I would be named Jillian. Ugh, that's scary. I'm the only Lauren I know. It can be classy and fun, kind of like me. I'm proud to be a Lauren!
lauren_somebody  6/11/2006
I really detest this name. It is very overused, at least in my area, and I think the sound is rather ugly. I know a Lauren Elizabeth, a Lauren Makayla, and a Lauren Lola. I am very tired of this name. Please, on your own children, don't use it!
Pheadirean  6/13/2006
I'm 12 and my middle name is Lollie. Yeah, yeah, as in lollie pop. It's my grandma's first name so it's sorta like you other people (assuming you're reading this). Anyway, I never really thought about pronouncing it fancy; I pronounce it Loren. I've always wished it had some history to it though, you know? I think it's better than Janet or something (sorry if that's your name). Anyway, WE'VE GOT A COOL NAME! POWER TO THE LAURENS!
Quazzimotto  6/16/2006
I named my daughter Lauren Ashley because I thought it sounded like an elegant, sophisticated, all around beautiful name. It fits her entirely, she is the most beautiful little girl with the biggest blue eyes. I almost gave her the middle name Marie, but that is mine and I wanted her to be different. She has a brother Ryan and I can't see how you can get the pronunciation of the two names mixed up.
Laurens-Mom  6/17/2006
I got the name from all of my elderly family members names put together and I really respect that! I think that it doesn't matter how old you are that it is always reasonable unlike Britney and Tiffany. I think that many of the Laurens are misunderstood because when they are little they wish that they had all of those youthful names but they will not think that when they are 35 years old. The people with the youthful names will want the name Lauren.
lauren neaves  6/24/2006
An actor with the name Lauren is Lauren Conrad, who was on Laguna Beach. She is now on another show, The Hills.
― Anonymous User  6/29/2006
My daughter's name is Lauren Preston. I think both the first and middle names are cool. The only thing is at school there are too many Lauren's so she is is called Lauren W.
amberly799  7/22/2006
Being as this is my name with the exception of spelling (I spell it LOREN) I would like to say that I very much like my name and always have. It's not too common even though my sister-in-law is a Lauren. I think it's classic and graceful. I also disagree that my spelling is masculine. I've always thought of it as spelled the right way. But you be the judge.
lorenl  7/27/2006
I love this name because it is also my name! There were never any people at my school with the same name as me until this year so I get pretty confused when they are yelling at her and not me. My friends have a nickname for me, it's pretty goofy. They call me Laurnie. Or Loo. I don't really care how anyone says my name. My mom named me after Ralph Lauren so people mainly pronounce my name like La Ren, yep.
Laurenelise  8/24/2006
Not a bad name. It's just too common.
zev  9/10/2006
Lauren is a nice name.
Emma McHnery  9/11/2006
Well, I'm not too sure what to say. This is my name but I don't think much of it. It's not not a horrible name, it's actually quite a pretty name but, god, I don't know how many Laurens I have met! It seems that everyone's called it. It doesn't make me feel unique or interesting. I wish my parents had tried to be a little more extravagant when naming me. But oh well, still a nice name.
P.S. Shame about it meaning 'laurel plant'.
Surreal  9/15/2006
I love this name! It is elegant, but short. Lauren is in my top 20 girl's names.
Emma McHnery  9/25/2006
I am from the U.S. and my name is pronounced Lor-in.
laurenelizabeth  9/26/2006
This name sounds pretty, smart, and sweet. Though I would never name my daughter Lauren because it's so overused.
Alphlyka  10/21/2006
Lauren is a Deal or No Deal Model on the television channel NBC.
Taydbug112  12/15/2006
Lauren Booth - Cherie Blair's half sister and a political journalist.
Lauren Cooper - A character on Catherine Tate, her catchphrase is Am I Bovvered?
ClaireCFC  12/28/2006
The name of Amy's daughter in Judging Amy.
Belle  12/29/2006
Hello, my name is Lauren as well, and it is a fairly uncommon name where I live. I am from New Jersey, and some of the people with New York type accents like to make the 'au' part sound like a drawn out 'O'. I don't like this proununciation. It sounds like Loren. My name is pronounced including the A very much: Lar-en, (the lar part does not sound like the lar in Larry, it's like the lar as is Lark). And yes, I love my name, it is classy and sophisticated. About nicknames. I am called Ren, or Lar, or LaLa (Lala is a family baby name for me though). :)
La_La  1/27/2007
Likewise, a Lauren. I live along the west coast of California, and believe it or not, I was shocked last month when I met my first namesake. I’ve always pronounced my name Lar-en; maybe because my parents came from Texas and they may have a little accent, it sounds more feminine than Lor-en, and because it is spelled and pronounced similar to such words as ‘laundry’.
lauren  1/29/2007
WAY overly used and not the least bit unique!
― Anonymous User  2/3/2007
I also have a daughter named Lauren Michelle. I love the name Lauren. Simple, unpretentious, classic, grows into adulthood just fine. Got too popular. My Lauren was born in 1992. I found it got popular after that. That's the only thing that has upset me. :(
taryns mom  2/6/2007
Lauren is pronounced 'Lor-en' and not 'Law-rin.' Lauren was made popular by Lauren Bacall (pronounced 'Lor-en') and is listed in 5 of my name books as being French. The French 'au' is not pronounced like the English 'au' or 'aw.'
― Anonymous User  2/22/2007
Fair point, but if lots of people pronounce it in another way, does that not become an official pronunciation, too? After all, anything can be a name, right?
Surreal  3/17/2007
It's not an actual French name. It is derived from a French version of an old Roman name, but it's not French itself. Therefore while 'Loren' is the only pronunciation I've ever heard, it's not necessarily the correct one just because that would be the French pronunciation. I think Lauren Bacall essentially invented it, so her pronunciation would be probably the most 'accurate.'
― Anonymous User  5/27/2007
'Lauren' is a derivative of the word laurel (leaf). It indicates victory.
apoten  3/26/2007
My name is Lauren and I pronounce it Loren not Lawren and so does everyone else in my school. But my teachers always spell it how I pronounce it.
dobs555  3/28/2007
Did anyone see Lauren Cooper meets Tony Blair on Red Nose Day? The most funniest thing I've ever seen! Even better than the Lauren Cooper meets "the doctor".
Luangi  4/8/2007
Lauren Bosworth is another quasi-celebrity with the name. She went by "Lo" on the MTV show "Laguna Beach."
NurseMom75  4/17/2007
I'm American, and all the Laurens I know (and I do know quite a few) pronounce it "Loren". Pronunciation of this name probably does not have to do so much with region as it does individual taste.
GreenEyedDryad  4/29/2007
This is my name, and everyone I know pronounces it Loren. I can't imagine it pronounced any other way. I just don't like it when people spell my name Loren.
― Anonymous User  5/5/2007
This is my name, and I was really fond of it. It's really common now days. My friend has the name Lauryn so we get called "the Laurens" a lot. My middle name is Nicole and I like this better.
laurennicole  6/2/2007
I believe this name is too overused and popular for my liking.
― Anonymous User  6/24/2007
This is a nice name, but it is way overused. I have got to know over 20 Laurens or Lauras.
sharonrenee  7/23/2007
My name is Lauren and so is my best friend! I am one of three Laurens in my year and I know many more. It is a very commmon name but I love it. BUT I absolutely hate when people shorten it to "Lozza". Maybe it's just an Australian thing, which is where I live, but ugh. It drives me mad. Does anyone else ever get Lozza?
― Anonymous User  8/9/2007
Haha yea, I think Lozza is definitely an Australia/New Zealand thing. I'm a Lauren from NZ and anyone who is foolish enough to call me that is greeted by a very dirty look. Actually if they try to shorten it at all it doesn't go down well. My parents told me that they had purposely chosen a name that couldn't be shortened and I appreciate that now.
― Anonymous User  8/25/2007
Lauren is the name of the girl in The Catherine Tate show, who constantly says 'Am I bovvered'?
― Anonymous User  9/20/2007
Lauren is of Latin and French origin meaning 'Man from Laurentum'. This is a strange meaning for a woman's name.
sarahlauren  9/21/2007
This was going to be my name (I ended up with Laura). It's also one of my friend's names (and yes, it's REALLY annoying when people get our names mixed up). I think this name is modern sounding and easy to grow up with. However I am put off this name by how popular it is. There are LOTS of Laurens in my school. I don't like my name but I am glad I'm a Laura and not a Lauren because Lauren is so much more popular than Lauren. (I am the only Laura I know)
xxlaurasxx  10/2/2007
On pronunciation in America, I've noticed that it's almost always pronounced loren in the South (mainly because of accents and southerners laid-back personalities). Up north, where I'm originally from, the majority of people pronounce it law-ren. I can't remember how people pronounce it in the East and West, as I was little when I lived there. But every time someone down here (Alabama) pronounces my little sister's name Loren, I always correct them out of habit (and then get called a Yankee because I'm from the North and articulate and pronounce my words more accurately, no offense to Southerners). If you want it to be pronounced Loren, spell it that way, as it's much simpler.
― Anonymous User  10/6/2007
Sounds very "elegant" I suppose. But FAR too over used. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
― Anonymous User  10/24/2007
It was nice. Now everywhere you go there's a Luren, Lauryn, Lauren, and so on. It was cool till it was used so much.
applemilk  11/5/2007
I understand why this name is popular. It is pretty, and grows up easily but is no longer unique. I think we should all wait a decade or so before using it again.
spaz123  11/6/2007
Such a cute name! With good bearers, as the lovely Lauren Ambrose, or film legend Lauren Bacall. I still prefer Laura, though.
― Anonymous User  11/19/2007
I think Lauren is a pretty name. Sure, it's common, but there are many others that are even more common, and it doesn't sound trendy or anything. I just think it's a really pretty name, and it's so common for a reason.
ltrrcst  1/9/2008
My name is Lauren, there are 2 other Laurens in my year at school and I know another Lauren too. I love my name even though it's pretty common. I think my name sounds nice. Most people I know pronounce it Law-ren or Lar-in which I don't like. I did know a boy who pronounced it lor-en which I like because at the time I was 8 or 9 and I thought it sounded posh. Most of my friends pronounce it lor-en because they know I like it that way.
― Anonymous User  2/4/2008
Lauren Faust is an animator and is included in the new book In Their Shoes by the author Deborah Reber.
Patricia Underwood  3/7/2008
I personally love the name Lauren. It has an awesome ring to it. I really get annoyed when people misspell or pronounce my name wrong. The way I say my name is Law-ren. Almost every middle name goes with Lauren.
laureneliselove  4/30/2008
Laurels seem majestic to me, which is partly why I like this name. Also, it's not too frilly like some other names. My best friend's name is Lauren, so I am naturally fond of the name.
Wilted  7/6/2008
I love the name Lauren, but I see it as more of a masculine name, mainly because of my great-grandfather. I'd certainly consider using it for a future son, but I'm a bit afraid that he'd get teased, because this name is so popular for girls.
_clippit_  8/10/2008
My name is Lauren. It's not a bad name, not ugly and you won't get teased about it but it's a little too common. Until high school I never had to go by Lauren V (it was the Ashley's, Jessica's, Emily's, and Erin's that had that problem) now I go by Lori (with an 'o' just to be weird) which is much less common.
sixblackroses  9/6/2008
I know a Scottish girl who says law-renne and it sounds nice how she pronounces it combined with her accent.
GeorgiaLovely  10/25/2008
It's my daughter's name, so I obviously love it. Her name is Lauren Rachel. I feel it's beautiful, classy, timeless, and elegant just like her!
CalambroneItalia  3/31/2009
This is a beautiful and timeless name- classically elegant. It conjures up an image of a strong, lovely, and intelligent little girl, or woman. Very nice choice. It is not common for me as I have met only one. It also has such a wonderful meaning- so regal and well. Victorious!
nameguru  4/3/2009
In Greek and Roman times the laurel (which is what Lauren means) indicated "honor" or "victory". Laurel's were made into a crown (or given as a wreath) and worn by the honored individual or group. These crowns were used to honor scholars and also for Olympians; the best of the best. "Rest on your laurels" was or is to rest on your achievements/victories.

The laurel (or sweet-bay as it is also known) is often a symbol of prosperity and fame. In Christian faiths it can symbolize the Resurrection of Christ thereby showing the triumph of humanity. In Chinese folklore a man named Wu Gang wanted to get to heaven but neglected his work and as a punishment the Gods told him he could join them when he cut down the laurel tree but since the laurel tree constantly regenerated itself it was an impossible task. As an addition the last part of the name "Ren" is a Japanese name meaning lotus or water lily which, though not a common disconnect of the name still does have very rich meaning. The lotus or water lily is a symbol of purity; the water lily must after rooting in the mud rise above much to ultimately blossom as the top.
― Anonymous User  4/3/2009
This name is indeed very elegant, and I like it paired with the middle name "Elaine." It is really common, however, thus I personally wouldn't name anyone this name. :) At least until it becomes rare (not likely) or perhaps I become less concerned with rare names. O_0
teensyalmond  6/3/2009
The debate on the correct pronunciation rages, it seems. I hate to be dismissive, but it should be obvious that the "correct" pronunciation of ANY name is the pronunciation the bearer of that name uses.

Pronunciation tends to be regional--perhaps you've heard that there are things called "regional accents" and "regional speech patterns." The way that a given name or word is pronounced may be STANDARD in one region and virtually unheard of in another.

Variant pronunciations are INTERESTING. You should appreciate the variety and not insist that your version is the only correct one. (Having said that, I prefer Law-ren myself).

PS-To the female Laurens out there who are mortified when the name is mistaken for Laurence, take heart. There is a French feminine name Laurence (pronounced a la francaise as "lo-RAHNS," with a nasal 'n,' bien sur). The masculine form in French is "Laurent." French-born Laurences living or visiting English speaking countries must have to put up with any number of confusions based on their names.
gbcallahan  7/3/2009
I prefer Lauren over Laura and Laurie, because it doesn't end with those common ee or uh sounds like so many other girls names.
― Anonymous User  9/15/2009
My middle name. I'm glad my parents didn't give it to me as a first name as it's quite common, particularly for my age. It's ok though.
― Anonymous User  11/11/2009
I love this name. I pronounce it Law-ren because Lor-en seems like a boy's name to me. Also, "au" is usually pronounced like "aw" in the English language, correct? I know that "au" is pronounced like "oh" in French but as Lauren is an American name and not French, the pronunciation Law-ren makes more sense to me, personally.
― Anonymous User  11/25/2009
As a foreigner living in the UK, I think Lauren looks very pretty and exotic written down. I'm currently unattached and too young for kids, but I've always thought if I had a half-English daughter, I might suggest Lauren as a middle name or even a first name. To me it looks very exotic. However, it was a common 1990s name, and I am on the fence about the way you say it. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. I think it's prettier and less common than Laura, though. I have a friend who thinks it looks almost Asian (this friend is a Slav) but I really disagree. It looks very British to me. I know a LOT of Irish-ethnic Brits with this name. It's not Irish, so god knows why.
UbiquitousUnicycle  12/2/2009
Lauren Ward is an American stage actress. She made her Broadway debut in a number of small roles in the 1994 revival of "Carousel", understudying Sally Murphy as Julie Jordan. On Broadway, she performed as Martha Jefferson in the 1998 revival of "1776" and as Young Sally in the 2001 revival of "Follies". However, she's best known for originating the titular role in the 1997 off-Broadway production of the musical "Violet". She received a Drama Desk award nomination for her performance.
AndrewJKD  12/19/2009
I live in the NW US, and I've only ever heard Lauren pronounced as lor-en. I know a male Loren and a bunch of female Laurens, and their names are pronounced the same here. I also pronounce Laura as lor-a, laurel as lor-el, Laurence as lor-ence. I also pronounce Mary, merry, and marry all the same. :P

I'm not going to say either lor-en or law-ren are "right", they are just accents. Don't take offence at people's accents.
earthnut  12/20/2009
The name Lauren was a rare pet form of Laura before being popularized by Lauren Bacall.
ALOF10  2/3/2010
I dislike this name because I met too many horrible girls called Lauren. This has really ruined the name for me.
starz26  4/17/2010
I like the sound of "Lauren" way more than "Laura". It's a sophisticated name, real pretty too.
― Anonymous User  6/26/2010
My name is also Lauren except my parents decided to be original in that while I was specifically name after Lauren Becall my name is spelled Lorin. I'm 43 now and I grew up not knowing a single other Lauren. Even now I have yet to find anyone who spells it the same as I do. It helps keep me unique, but I can never find my name on things like undies or pencils.
Lorin  7/6/2010
So many Laurens!
Sorry for the exclamation, it's just that I know Laurens, Lauryns, Lorens, etc. There were tons born in the 90s.
That's not to say that Lauren isn't a pretty name. In fact, it's gorgeous--it has a very elegant sound. However, I know way too many to ever use it.
― Anonymous User  8/10/2010
Lovely name, but very overused.
Chrila96  9/11/2010
Lauren would be interesting as a boy's name after all this time. On a girl, it's a total snoozefest.
keepitreal  1/23/2011
This name is so soft and lovely. It's a bit overly used, unfortunately. The only flaw about this name is it's the name of my sweetheart's ex. But overall I give this name 5 stars :)
― Anonymous User  3/29/2011
Lauren is better than Laura, because it's not as floppy sounding.
― Anonymous User  4/7/2011
My name is Lauren. Lauren Rose. I absolutely hate my name. It is way too common. I knew at least ten Laurens growing up. I pronounce it Loren, but I think it can be pronounced both ways. It is way too popular. I was born in the 90s though and popularity has gone down since then.
― Anonymous User  5/18/2011
Lauren Alaina (born Lauren Alaina Suddeth)-- is a talented American country vocalist, made famous as contestant and then runner-up (second place) of Season 10 "American Idol."
Francesca  5/29/2011
Lauren Ashley Zakrin is an American stage actress. She first appeared on MTV's "Search for the Next Elle Woods", placing fourth in a competition to find Laura Bell Bundy's replacement as Elle Woods in "Legally Blonde: The Musical". She covered the role in the show's first national touring company. She more recently covered the role of Glinda in the first national touring company of "Wicked".
AndrewJKD  6/23/2011
I was named after Lauren Bacall as well. My mother believed her name was pronounced as mine is. When I was growing up the name Lauren was very uncommon. I knew one other Lauren and we both pronounce it the same way as "LeWren". In my opinion this is the prettiest pronunciation and get told that often. Of course I am always having to correct people when I am called "Lohren","Lawren" or "Loren". I always tell people that since I have had the name longer than most Laurens, the way my name is pronounced is the correct way. :-)
LeWren  8/3/2011
The name Lauren is OK. But it doesn't really make a huge impression on me.
Kimberley  8/19/2011
I think the name Lauren is very unoriginal. I don't really like it and prefer the spelling "Loren" for both genders. I prefer rarer names than Lauren.
hollie2305  9/29/2011
Lauren Bacall (born Betty Joan Perske) was an American actress.
― Anonymous User  12/12/2011
This was almost my name. I really dislike it- when I was growing up I knew even more girls with this name then my own, and then I met a few girls I despised with this name, which really made me thankful I didn't get it. Despite this, I like Lauren Bacall and probably would like it more if not for my life experiences with people of this name.
sunshinechild67  2/13/2012
My sister's name is Lauren. This name really only came about because of Lauren Bacall, the actress. Before her I haven't heard of a Lauren. Laurence or Lawrence yes, but those are men's names anyways. I despise it when people spell it Loren that's stupid, because Lauren Bacall never spelled it like that and you don't say it like that. Sounds retarded to me. Loren should actually be pronounced like Sofia Loren not Lauren Bacall.
― Anonymous User  5/2/2012
One of my younger sisters is a Lauren. She was originally meant to be a Laurent because my mother likes her odd names, but Lauren stuck... it just works. I've met many Laurens of many types, but I think they’ve nearly always been dark in looks and kind, sweet, toughened to what-happens-happens and very intelligent in nature. It’s not the most sophisticated and certainly not the prettiest name, but they’re nearly always good and sweet, sometimes damaged, sometimes compatible but always wise people… I think that counts.

She also gets complimented on her name in Arabic-speaking countries a lot, not as much as our Melissa but still quite a bit - it's probably because of her exotic name.
the dying daylight  5/26/2012
Nice name. Its simple, not too common and sounds nice, however I do know a Lauren and she often gets given the nickame lolly and she hates it.
sdalton.12  1/19/2013
I really don't get why this name is so overused, I honestly don't think it sounds very pretty at all, and its hard to imagine on an old woman. Laura is a much prettier, unfortunately less common version.
― Anonymous User  1/30/2013
I think in Hungarian, the female form is "Laura".
adcross  2/5/2013
I'm named Lauren and I'm worried that this'll be considered an "old lady name" by the time I am an old lady. :/ I keep hoping more people will keep using it to keep it up in popularity, therefore keeping it from getting too dated, haha. I don't really like it much, though... at least there's a Golden Age Hollywood star with the name! :)
― Anonymous User  3/5/2013
I was going to be called Lauren, but since my mum likes originality, she named me Lorien (Lo-REE-en). I don't dislike it, but I wish I had a more common name. Just not a common name like Lauren. That's a little TOO common.
― Anonymous User  7/10/2013
I think this name is sort of plain/boring. I've known a lot of Lauren's, so it's not really that unique or anything. But its simple and pretty, and if its your name and you like it that's all that matters. :)
BehindTheNameFan  8/7/2013
My full name is Lauren Elizabeth and I've really grown to love it. I am Australian and we pronounce it Lorin, not LAWrin, but with my accent it actually sounds nice and classy- not too exaggerated.
For people considering using this name: It ages well, it's simple and sophisticated, and I've only personally known 2 other Laurens my whole life! So it's not as common as I thought. And I love that there's an old Hollywood movie star with my name.
However, my brothers name is Ryan and they sound a little similar, so sometimes I think people are calling me when they're calling him!
tsarinaoftheplains  9/8/2013
Lauren/Laura are probably some of my favorite names for a girl. I also like the spelling "Loren". Lauren just sounds very natural and pleasant. I also like the variant Lawrence, since that was my grandpa's name :)
IronClocks  3/3/2014
This name is correctly pronounced LAW-ren. If it were pronounced LOR-en, it would be spelled differently.
pocahontas  6/9/2014
Lauren is a wonderful name. I knew a girl called Lauren and she was really sweet. (:
― Anonymous User  7/5/2014
I was born in 1971. The only famous Lauren at the time was Lauren Bacall. Then, a few years later, Lauren Hutton, a supermodel in the 70's became famous. Then there was Lauren on Y & R -- I thought I was so special because they had a character with my name on my favorite soap, even if she was a b**** at the time. I was named at a time when Lauren was rare to hear. Only in the past 20 years or so has it become really popular. I can remember being one of those little girls who could never find her name on trinkets or other souvenirs when we traveled b/c the name was not popular at all. I could find Lori, or Laura, but never Lauren. I was supposed to be named "Lorne" for my Scottish grandfather, but the nurse must have misheard; she is essentially the one who named me. My parents liked it and they left it.
LMH822  7/22/2014
My name is Lauren and I prefer for it to be pronounced 'Loren' as that's how its pronounced in Australia. When I was younger I hated my name and always thought I didn't suit it but now that I am older I have grown to love my name. I am always getting complimented on it and told what a beautiful name I have. I saw a comment on here that said "You can grow old with the name" which is also very true, not saying it's an 'old name' but it suits older women as well as young girls. It isn't very common where I come from and I like being unique as it's not 'Do you know Lauren?' 'Which one?' all of the time.
― Anonymous User  7/31/2014
Actually, the first well-known woman named Lauren was the hotel heiress and painter Lauren Ford (1891-1973). She and her religious-themed art were featured several times in "Life" magazine during the 1930s and 1940s, and it's probable Howard Hawks got the idea of giving the name to Lauren Bacall from knowing about Ford.
clevelandkentevans  9/12/2014
Lauren Cooper is a character on the MTV television series "Faking It."
hkols  11/2/2014
People tend to ditch this name and go back to Laura now, so it seems.
― Anonymous User  11/11/2014
Lauren is quite a nice name. Naturally, a rather, well, natural girl comes to mind.
Hushpuppy  12/7/2014
A modern classic. Simple, elegant and fits all ages. I know a few Laurens under the age of 7, and they are all lovely and serve the name very well. Overall, a solid choice.
― Anonymous User  1/5/2015
I like the name Lauren, as it is my name. In my opinion, it is a name with a high level of maturity, grace, and elegance. I may be only 11, but I think you could go by this name throughout life.
cupcakedog  2/10/2015
Theoretically, I should love this name: it has 'l' and 'n' sounds, is easy to pronounce, and looks pretty. (I see it as only a feminine name. The male version is Laurence / Lawrence.)

However, what ruins this name for me is that I know way too many people with it. And it's not even like they were bad people - just about every Lauren I've met has been really nice. But it's entirely too commonplace for me to ever consider for a future daughter. Same with Emily and Sara...

I suppose I could still use Laura, which I don't come across nearly as often among women of my generation and younger.
erb816  3/30/2015
This is my all-time favorite girl name. If I have a girl one day, I will definitely give her this classic, beautiful name.
nicolemichaela  4/19/2015
My name is Lauren and to be honest, I don't mind it at all. No one has problems pronouncing it. People can easily joke around with it by saying "LAARREEN," which is kind of fun. I never feel at any age the name Lauren seems strange.
― Anonymous User  8/22/2015
My name is Lauren. Lauren Kate. I used to hate it, but now I think it's pretty cool. Sure, it's common, but not as common as Emma or Ashley. And I don't think it's overused either. My class is quite large and I only know of two other Laurens in my class. I'm very interested to see comments and opinions on names, but at the same time it's kind of sad to see your name, the title given to you from birth, being criticized. I think the way a name sounds is important, but what it means is far more important. Lauren means a crown of flowers. Flowers are beautiful. So Lauren is a nature-like name and is very nice.
Lkhildum  9/8/2015
I despise this name. I think it sounds common.
― Anonymous User  11/8/2015
I would just like to point out that all of you are crazy. Lauren is spelled L-A-U-R-E-N. How do you spell laundry? L-A-U-N-D-R-Y. Pretty sure laundry is pronounced la-undry unless you're from New York or New Jersey. If you pronounce laundry like you're illiterate, then you by all means have every right to say Lauren like you're from New York. Otherwise learn the right way... because you sound like an idiot.
― Anonymous User  11/21/2015
Lauren is awesome.
― Anonymous User  12/3/2015
It sounds very intelligent and feminine. I'd love to name my daughter Lauren.
― Anonymous User  12/13/2015
My friend has a very beautiful name and she is proud to have it. So to all of the girls who pronounce your name a different way or prefer to have it pronounced differently, keep on doing what makes you happy. So if you pronounce your name "law-ren" or something else pretty, don't worry about what other people think and keep on doing what you do and don't stop.
19803  1/5/2016
I changed my mind from my post on the name Lauryn, which is a tryndeigh, kre8yv spelling of Lauren.

While not the least legitimate name, I'm not particularly a fan of the name Lauren. It is overly common, especially on girls between the ages of 15 and 30, and I find it overrated. I don't even really know why I dislike it; I just do.

When I looked at the popularity charts, I was surprised to see that it peaked in 1989 in the United States. I had always pictured it as more of a 90s name, similar to Taylor.

I prefer Laura as a feminine name. While unrelated, it is similar in spelling and sound and in my opinion a lot prettier.
YITYNR  1/19/2016
To me, Lauren is a very unique name
I like Laura too, and they're both not common in my country (SG)
― Anonymous User  3/5/2016
In the U.S. this spelling is primarily used among females and the spellings of Lorin and Loren are generally used among males. The name is unisex but not super common among males, perhaps even rare. Lauren: girl. Loren & Lorin: boy.
― Anonymous User  3/17/2016
This name is simply beautiful. Every positive adjective can be used to describe it. If you are considering this name for your little girl (well in this case as a middle name), some combos I have that you more than welcome to take a look at are:

Savannah Lauren
Veronica Lauren
Jessa Lauren.
― Anonymous User  4/24/2016
I like Lauren for a girl and Loren for a boy.
Eileen1209864  6/25/2016
I agree with Eileen, Loren is good for boys and Lauren for girls.
Other spellings and pronunciations
Loren LAU-rin
Loryn LAU-rin
Lorene LAU-reen
Lorenne LAU-rin
Lorynn LAU-rin
Lauryn LAU- rin
Laurene LAU-reen
Laurynne LAU-rin or LAU-reen
Lorynne LAU-rin or LAU-reen
Laurynn LAU-rin.
Sania01  7/27/2016
I know too many Laurens, and I hate the name. It's irritating and way too common, it's my sisters name, and she can be annoying, but hearing her name all the time is even more annoying than my sister herself! Plus, every Lauren I've ever met is dumber than dirt.
mtwright02  7/29/2016
My name is Lauren and I don't actually mind it. I too was named after Lauren Bacall by my dad. When I was at school I was the only one until juniors and at highschool there was just me in my year. I do however, hate to be called Loz Laura Lau Lawren ect.
Laurie12345  9/29/2016
Means laurel. Often associated with victory and honor, because great feats and achievements made by people were often rewarded with a crown of laurel.
― Anonymous User  10/24/2016
Very pretty name. Sounds cute on a little girl and also suits an adult.
nameaddictt  12/9/2016
I absolutely love this name! I can't get enough of it! Most of the Laurens I've known have been lovely people and I love either pronunciation of Lauren (law-ren or lorin). I hate the spelling Loren, though. I feel like it looks harsher and less feminine.
dancingbear  1/2/2017
Lauren Marie Sesselmann is an American-born Canadian soccer defender, former forward and Olympic bronze medalist. She is also a member of the Canadian national team, trainer, producer and host of the fitness DVD program Fit As A Pro with Lauren Sesselmann.
cutenose  1/21/2017
Lauren Anne Young, simply known as Lauren Young, is a Filipino-American actress and model. She is the younger sister of actress and Miss World 2013 Megan Young. In 2012, she transferred to GMA Network and changed her manager; she chose Pia Magalona, the wife of the late Francis Magalona.
cutenose  3/11/2017
Lauren Helen Graham is an American actress and author. She is best recognized for her role as Lorelai Gilmore on the television series Gilmore Girls, for which she received two Screen Actors Guild Award nominations, one Golden Globe nomination, and five Satellite Award nominations. She is also known for film roles in Sweet November, Bad Santa, The Pacifier, Because I Said So, and Evan Almighty. From 2010 to 2015, Graham starred as Sarah Braverman on the NBC television drama Parenthood.
cutenose  4/8/2017
Lauren Anderson is an American model who was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month in July 2002 and has appeared in numerous Playboy videos. Lauren was the winner of the TV special Who Wants to Be a Playboy Centerfold?, broadcast on Fox in May 2002. She starred in the variety production "Headlights and Tailpipes" in Las Vegas at the Stardust Resort & Casino.
cutenose  4/13/2017
Lauren Hays, also known as Laura Lynn Thorsen, is an American actress and singer. Her appearances include guest appearances on television programs such as Renegade, Silk Stalkings and Married... with Children. She hosted several shows for Playboy TV.
cutenose  5/10/2017
Lauren Mellor is a South African fashion model best known for appearance in South African and American Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Mellor first signed with Star Model Management in Johannesberg, Storm Model Management in London, England, Outlaws Models in Cape Town, South Africa, and Modelwerk in Hamburg, Germany. Her first known work was the cover of Top Billing Magazine in April 2005. In 2007, Mellor landed a John Lewis campaign which caught the attention of several media outlets when the brand proclaimed they would only use healthy sized models. That same year, she graced the cover of FHM in South Africa and Essentials Magazine. Despite the initial success, Mellor focused on her studies and graduated from the University of Cape Town with a degree in psychology. After graduation, Mellor moved to Germany and signed to Union Models, PMA Models in Hamburg, and AMT Models in Vienna.
cutenose  6/10/2017
Common. The name is also a bit dated. It's pretty though. Lauren reminds me of the clothing brand Ralph Lauren. Loren is a good male name.
XironDarkstar  11/16/2017
My name is Lauren (pronounced: Loren) and I absolutely hate it when people draw out the a and pronounce it Law-ren; I know it's a personal preference but I cannot stand it. I am 29 and never had any other Lauren's in my grade except for in Kindergarten there were 3 of us; I live in UT and it's a pretty rare name. Utahn's however like to come up with their own made up names. I feel like it's a timeless name and it grows with you - it works for kids as well as adults. At times I wish I had a more unique name but I do think that Lauren Elizabeth (common middle name) is timeless.
― Anonymous User  12/30/2017

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