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I'd make a new rule on here about submitting comments:

Even if you dislike your own name, try not to hate it entirely. This isn't a suicide website!

And people are certainly right that we should switch to new names at this point. Even if it's a name that is new to the family, not every child wants to be named Rose after her grandmothers garden, or Felix after your old cat!

So yes, this isn't a baby names site as people keep saying, but not a complete family tree site either. At least more of a fiction or fantasy site, anyway.

And also, names for boys, like Dick and Willy, are not ENTIRELY awful in society, but with girls, we do need to get past all the Lucys, Emilys, Hannahs, Rosies etc, just because people might happen to label them as 'Boob' or 'Vagina'.