Names Related to Leo

Names that are related to LEO:
LÉO   m   French
LEO   m   German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, English, Croatian, Late Roman
LEOLA   f   English
LÉON   m   French
LEÓN   m   Spanish
LEON   m   English, German, Polish, Slovene, Croatian, Dutch, Ancient Greek
LEONA   f   English, German
LEONAS   m   Lithuanian
LÉONE   f   French
LEONE (1)   m   Italian
LEONE (2)   f   English
LEONIA   f   Late Roman
LÉONIE   f   French
LEONIE   f   German, Dutch
LEONIUS   m   Late Roman
LÉONNE   f   French
LEOŠ   m   Czech
LEVAN   m   Georgian
LEVON   m   Armenian
LIONEL   m   French