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The name Letha itself actually is actually related to oblivion, from the name of the river through hades Lethes. I double checked this on Wikipedia (under Latis, Letha is some comic book character in a metal bra) but I first heard it from someone named Letha.
njb  9/30/2007
I seem to recall it meant "forgetful".
vitaminanime  9/22/2014
You're all correct for the most part, save the person that thinks it's hideous. It is derived from "Lethe" and it does mean "oblivion"

And yes, as someone that is actually named Letha. [I'm named after my gramma] I can confirm that a lot of people can't seem to understand my name. Lol. I tell them "It's like Lisa, but with a lisp." Personally, I love my name!
Justalittlehush  12/26/2016

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