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This seems like a name for a mean girl. I really would have to say it's one of my least favorite names.
-- nelirosala  7/29/2006
Personally I think Lexi is a cute nickname for Alexandra or Alexa. I know a sweet girl named Alexa and her nickname is Lexi. I think it's cute.
-- Anonymous User  8/6/2006
I know several people with variations of this name (Lexi, Lexie, Lexy). Even though they're a little casual and short for my taste, they are pretty.
-- Lyric  9/28/2006
This name is also short for Alexia or Alexis.
-- CharlieRob  5/5/2007
I love this nickname for Alexandra, Alexa, or something along those lines! I know a girl name Lexi, and I had never heard of that name before I met her! It is a really pretty name. (:
-- RosePetals016  6/11/2009
I really liked this nickname when I first heard it, but eventually it got so popular that I got sick of it. It's like a lot of people name their daughters some Alex- name (Alexa, Alexandra, Alexis, Alexandria) just so they can give her the "cute" nickname Lexi(e). It also seems kind of childish, in comparison to the more traditional nicknames for Alex- names, like Allie, Al, and Alex.
-- Anyechka  8/24/2009
I like the name Lexi for a teenage girl, or as a diminutive for Alexis, but I just wouldn't like that it rhymes with "sexy" therefore, I wouldn't want to use it on a kid.
-- becca_marciano  10/3/2009
I had never really heard of the name until I met a girl named Lexi. I loved it instantly! It is such a pretty name - and quite unique too. Lexie is also pretty. It's a lovely name. I wish my name could have Lexi as a nickname! (:
-- Anonymous User  10/17/2009
This is a very childish nickname. There are better ways to shorten Alexandra. Why not Alex, Allie, or Sandy?
-- bananarama  12/27/2009
I love this name but as a nickname for Lexanna.
-- CattyLoony  4/9/2010
This is my dog's name. It's a cute name but it fits a little girl (or dog) better that an middle aged woman so it isn't a name that could grow up with you.
-- Megan1125  6/13/2010
I thought it was a diminutive of Alexis. [noted -ed]
-- writer371  5/9/2011
This is quite a common name and almost every other child is called Lexi. I think it is an OK name but overuse of it has spoiled any appeal it had.
-- Kimberley  8/13/2011
It's cute as a nickname. But I don't think it's serious enough to be a legal name.
-- ListenToAsuka  1/7/2012
Lexi is the name of the mean girl in A.N. T Farm. She is portrayed by Stefanie Scott.
-- emilydominko  12/18/2012
I just like Lexi as a name not a nickname. It just sounds cool.
-- Anonymous User  9/26/2013
I use Lexi as a nickname for my longer name Alexandria and I've always liked it. It's just easy to say, and quite pretty. I've met two other Lexi's in my lifetime, one was a half-cousin and the other a girl one grade ahead of me. Both of them are very nice, so when I think of anyone named Lexi I think of nice girls.
-- Anonymous User  1/13/2014

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