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Variant spellings include: Lillian, Lilien, Lillien, Lilienne, Lylyan, Lyllyan, Lillienne, Lilyanne, Lillyanne, Lilyann, Lillyann, Lily Anne, Lilly Anne, Lillie Anne, Lily Ann, Lilly Ann, Lillie Ann, Lily-Anne, Lily-Ann, Lilly-Ann, Lilly-Anne, Lillie-Ann, and Lillie-Anne.
-- Anonymous User  4/22/2005
Another variation is Lilliann (pronounced like Lily-Anne).
-- mariej2  6/4/2005
There is also a Chinese name, spelled Lilian, Li-Lian or Li Lian. It means "beautiful lotus". It is pronounced as "Lee-LEE-enn".
-- Ylva  6/26/2005
Lilian is considered to be a male name in France.
-- Anonymous User  7/6/2006
It's a very pretty simple name. Just perfect for a little girl!
-- Anonymous User  11/22/2006
I think that Lilian and Lillian are nice names, and people should stop trying to find variations. They are just fine the way they are.
-- 7up  2/8/2007
I don't get it. On the ratings, people think Lillian is "Unintellectual", but with Lilian, they think it's nerdy.
-- Anonymous User  2/8/2007
Lilian Thuram is a famous bearer.
-- Anonymous User  2/13/2007
A famous bearer is II. Vicemiss Czechia Lilian Sarah Fisher.
-- Ronja  2/26/2007
This name is very pretty. I much prefer Lilian to Lillian as it looks more balanced. My grandmother's name was Lilian and her character was as pretty as the name, very special meaning.
-- littlescarlett  4/30/2007
This name sounds very elegant. I like the short form, Lily, too. But the variant Lily Ann is just awful!
-- scarletquillraven  5/8/2007
The (male) French football player Lilian Thuram is a famous bearer.
-- Ylva  7/22/2007
This is a lovely name. It sounds very esthetic without being cutesy and girly. I only hope it isn't overused as a middle name, as I would like to combine it with something a little more unusual. Very charming.
-- slight night shiver  4/27/2008
Princess Lilian (born 1915) is a member of the Swedish Royal Family.
-- Emerson  6/27/2008
Author Lilian Jackson Braun.
-- moonbaby9307  10/25/2008
Lilian Klot was the real name of famous British jazz singer Georgia Brown (1933-92), born to Jewish parents in London's East End.
-- Jonquil  1/1/2009
Lilian is very pretty. I think the spelling Lillian is a little overdone, as the lily flower is spelled with a single L.
-- Jonquil  1/1/2009
Professor Lilian Charlotte Anne Knowles (1870-1926) was a British economic historian, the first woman to be appointed to a Chair at the London School of Economics.
-- Jonquil  1/5/2009
The diminutive of Lilian in Spanish is "Lily" or "Lilita".
-- Dany10102  8/4/2012
Why do the French name their sons Lilian?
-- Anonymous User  6/4/2013
"Lilian" is the typical form used in the UK. "Lillian" is the typical version used in the USA.

The name does have a nice, understated elegance to it. And no need for fancy-shmansy pronunciations: "LIL-ee-un" will do just fine! ;-D.
-- JJSkeete  6/25/2014
Lilian Harvey (Born: January 19, 1906, Died: July 27, 1968) was a German-British British-born actress and singer.
-- Anonymous User  10/25/2014
The name "Lilian" sounds good & lovely.
-- xcellentekanem  1/1/2016
Lilian is so pretty but she is fragile like a little purple flower.
-- hoover MC Crossboy  1/15/2016
I prefer this spelling to Lillian, and I find this name to be a beautiful classic that I hope never fades away. Though to be honest, as pretty as "Lily" is as a nickname, I think hearing "Lilian" instead of "Lily" gives it more originality. Lily's are everywhere, Lilians are rare.
-- RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016
I prefer Liliana, and I like this name only for a girl.
-- Eileen1209864  6/24/2016

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