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This is not the English form. Linnea is more often used. This is the form taken directly from the botanical name for the twinflower, Linnaea borealis. Linnaea is the feminization of Carl Linnaeus, the "father of botany".
earthnut  9/14/2007
Beautiful name! This spelling makes the most sense to me. The other just looks wrong to me. Very feminine and soft.
kookiemonster71  7/10/2008
This name simply flows. Beautiful.
― Anonymous User  5/2/2009
I think this is a weird spelling. It does not make sense to me. Maybe it does for English speakers. I prefer Linnéa.
Beautiful Victory  5/5/2009
Beautiful, uncommon, and is the name of a beautiful flower. This name is perfect.
-Julia-  8/26/2009
Not sure if this is famous or not, but Linnaea was the "Destroyer of Worlds" on an episode of Stargate SG1.
― Anonymous User  11/29/2009
Spelling/variant of the name; Lenaiah.
missmimimiss  4/17/2013
I really love this spelling. I like the sound of Linnea, but the spelling didn't do anything for me. Linnaea is perfect!
silly_rabbit  6/25/2016
I looked up Carl Linnaeus and the botanical term "Linnaean," and the dictionary gives the pronunciation of his name as li-NEE-əs, not li-NAY-əs. So technically, in English, this name should be pronounced li-NEE-ə, not li-NAY-ə. (The latter pronunciation actually seems to be used in Swedish, though they spell it Linnéa with the accent mark.)
erb816  4/28/2017
For this reason (pronunciation confusion), I would choose the Linnéa spelling over Linnaea, accent and all, even in the United States. It removes ambiguity that is present when not everyone is familiar with the rules of Latin vowels / pronunciation.
erb816  4/28/2017

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