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Can also be spelled "Linze".
RachelLee  12/29/2008
Ugh. This spelling is totally trashy and juvenile.
bananarama  4/17/2009
I like this spelling that can be usable in my country (we read everything the way it's spelled). So: I prefer Linzi in Croatian and Lindsey in English. I am not a fan of the Lindsay spelling.
enchy  8/31/2009
Despite the above comment, being an English-speaker I find this spelling too informal to be used as an actual name. It looks more like a nickname, and as a regular name I can't take it seriously.
erb816  12/15/2009
Linzi Hateley (born 23 October 1970 in Birmingham) is an English stage actress. She is perhaps best-known for her performance as Carrie White in UK and US stage productions of the musical "Carrie" in 1988. Other well-known roles include Winifred Banks in "Mary Poppins", Roxie Hart in "Chicago", and, since March 2007, Donna in "Mamma Mia!"
AndrewJKD  8/4/2010
Linzi Glass is a South African author of 'The Year the Gypsies Came' and 'Ruby Red'.
― Anonymous User  4/8/2012
This is a very unique spelling of Lindsey.
Tatumarore  6/18/2017

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