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The author Mark Twain's wife was Livvy.
liv  2/21/2005
Livvy was the nickname of the mother in the 1970s family drama "The Waltons". Her given name was Olivia.
Diamante04  10/11/2006
I like the name Livvy, but I would never use it as a given name. Use Olivia instead, and make Livvy a nickname.
-Julia-  7/24/2009
I named my younger daughter, Livvy Evangeline, to honor my maternal grandmother. It's unique and simple, and in my opinion, very beautiful. It fits her fresh, bright personality. I love it, and I love her!
Bluepoppy6  11/11/2015
Gorgeous, sweet name as a standalone or as a name used in childhood for Liv, Olivia, Alivia, Liviana, etc...
livingstar  5/8/2018

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