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I like Lizzy as a nickname for Elizabeth or Lizabeth. I prefer Beth but I think Lizzy has a certain 'spunk' to it. I do like Lizzie but Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice makes me lean towards Lizzy :)
Belle  3/19/2007
In Timothy Findley's novel The Piano-Man's Daughter, there is a male character named Lizzy.
DearPrudence  5/4/2007
I like the "Lizzy" spelling much better than "Lizzie". I think the "y" at the end seems to suit me better than the "ie". (My real name's Elizabeth and Lizzy is one of my nicknames.)
BunnyHop14  6/6/2007
Lizzy Caplan bears this name, I'd believe? Well, bears this diminutive. She is an American actress, famed especially for her ever-popular outcast character of Janis Ian in "Mean Girls".
xsai  9/9/2011
I hate the name Lizzy, it's such an ugly name, there is this girl named Lizzy who looks like an alligator.
― Anonymous User  4/30/2012
I do like Lizzy and it's nice for girlie girls, but some girls called Elizabeth or other things that are shortened to Lizzy may become not so girlie, like Elizabeth Hale (The Band Halestorm) who shortened hers to Lzzy without the I.
OttilieMaisie  4/4/2015
The name Lizzy sounds like the name a young child would choose! The only time adults would have this, is as their nickname. No one would give this to a child unless they're a child who chose to lie to people that this is their name!
cutenose  5/6/2016
Park Soo-young, better known by her stage name Lizzy, is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a member of the girl group After School and its sub-unit Orange Caramel. In March 2010, she debuted in After School with the release of their third single, "Bang!", and debuted as a solo singer in January 2015 with "Not an Easy Girl". She has acted in various films and television shows, including All My Love (2011), Love Forecast (2015) and Angry Mom (2015). Lizzy served as Son Dam-bi's backup dancer in 2009. She was first hinted to be joining After School when she joined the members on stage to perform a cover of Fin.K.L.'s "To My Boyfriend" at their first fan meeting event in 2010, while donning a mask to keep her identity a secret. Lizzy made her official debut as a member of After School when they released their third single "Bang!" on March 25, 2010. She was the youngest member of the group until E-Young joined the group in December 2010. In June 2010, Lizzy and her fellow After School members Raina and Nana formed a sub-unit named Orange Caramel and released their first mini-album featuring the lead single "Magic Girl". On January 23, 2015, Lizzy debuted as a solo singer with the trot song "Not An Easy Girl" (쉬운 여자 아니에요).[15] The music video used footage from the 1961 film adaptation of Chunhyangga, with Lizzy playing the protagonist. On February 11, she released a duet song, "Goodbye PMS", with comedian Park Myung-soo. The song was written by Duble Sidekick, who said PMS (which usually means premenstrual syndrome) refers to "a monster that creates all the worries and stress suffered by a high school girl." Lizzy also had a supporting role in MBC's drama Angry Mom, which aired from March to May.
cutenose  2/26/2017

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