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What a horrible way to spell Lola.
michi_vane  4/21/2007
Ah, but it's not Lola -- it's an ELABORATED form of Lola! Which makes it interesting, I think. Definitely not common!
lunalovegood  12/7/2007
A ghetto name created from Lola, and thus very tacky and trashy. Lola itself isn't a very mature or dignified name.
slight night shiver  4/27/2008
I dislike the name Lola but Lolicia, man, that's a totally different story! In other words, I like it.
missBridget  7/14/2008
I think it's a nice name and people shouldn't dump on it. It is in no way "ghetto" or "trashy at all. Jeez, guys.
MisquotedWarrior  8/22/2008
It kind of makes me think of Lolita. Which isn't a bad thing to me! I actually like that name, but I wouldn't use it because of what most people associate it with. Now, Lolicia has most of the same sounds as Lolita that I like, and since no one associates it with a controversial piece of literature (well, I don't THINK they do), I think I'd very much use it for a story on some occasion.
Pippin  6/9/2009
This name is the epitome of low-class and trashy.
Lolth  6/6/2013
It sounds plain weird.
― Anonymous User  8/15/2016
Reminds me of a lollipop. One could name their child Dolores or Lola and call her Lolicia or Lolita, if preferred.
cdawg  11/24/2017

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